Surfshark VPN Review

Surfshark Benefits Unlimited simultaneous connections Rarely seen multihop and split-tunneling tools Well designed app Excellent speed test results.  It’s Let Down.. High price Needs to complete broader tests of its service One of our main concerns when reviewing a VPN is what value it offers. Are you getting a lot for what you pay for,

ExpressVPN VS NordVPN

VPNs are no longer the property of whiz kids or hackers, VPNs are becoming more commonplace around the world. This rise in usage is not only due to the increasing awareness of the importance of online security, but also due to the ever-growing range of high-quality VPN providers. So, in this head-to-head, we would pit

Best VPN for Torrenting in Canada

We have researched, selected and compared the best VPN providers for you for torrenting VPNs help you do the following: Protect your privacy and secure your data by hiding your IP address Enjoy secure, encrypted and private web browsing Access content worldwide (Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, HBO, torrenting, Kodi…) by bypassing geoblocking Get an ultra-high-speed



Enjoy internet without borders

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