Avast SecureLine VPN Review

When you connect to Avast SecureLine VPN, an encrypted tunnel is created between your computer and the VPN company server. Information sent through this tunnel is hto read for anyone trying to intercept it.

The encrypted tunnel masks your activity from your Internet service provider. This VPN Avast SecureLine review discusses the promise of the service and various shortcomings.

A VPN can also be used to bypass Internet restrictions that may be imposed by oppressive governments. This is because a VPN can connect to servers located in places other than the actual physical location.

A VPN will tunnel into another country where access to the Internet is open if a government bans a certain website. As the web access seems to originate from the VPN server and not from your computer, a VPN masks your IP address and the websites you visit.

Avast is a registered Czech software company that has developed its own reputation for antivirus apps. Avast held more than 15% of the market share of anti-malware applications, especially in the Windows operating system, in January 2019, ahead of big names in the antivirus market like McAfee Inc and Kaspersky Lab. Avast has added a new element to its anti-malware software-VPN service.

SecureLine VPN works well, although it has limited features. It’s a simple VPN from popular security vendor Avast Software, but powered by HideMyAss! Network, which is now included under the Avast brand.

The Avast SecureLine VPN requirements are rather ordinary. In 34 countries, it has an average sized network of 55 locations. The firm has Mac, Windows, iOS and Android clients. OpenVPN configuration files that are manually set up by other computers and applications are not available for download.

Avast does not have a DNS system with zero awareness, no custom protocol to circumvent VPN blocking, and none of the stuff that indicate any improvement. SecureLine VPN does not deliver a poor service, but it is still not extraordinary. If SecureLine VPN is to be represented, we may clearly state that it is good enough.

A VPN brings to your Internet access an extra layer of protection.SecureLine VPN is a product from a leading antivirus company that delivers some impressive speed test results when tested.

It is not, however, considered one of the better VPNs, largely because it is pricey and has an inflexible pricing strategy. Its infrastructure for servers is unimpressive. Although SecureLine VPN has a center of excellent support, smoothing out is in desperate need.


What’s a SecureLine VPN from Avast?

Avast Tech has a lot of expertise in creating antivirus software. The business has been in existence since 1988, but in 2014 it branched out to VPN services. The problem of SecureLine VPN is the lack of user consciousness, which entered the VPN scene far later than the other providers.

A team with additional years(plus 30 years) of experience in developing VPN applications such as Avast, however, is the product of high quality and unsurpassed, which can compete with all other VPN providers worldwide.

Avast SecureLine VPN can also be installed on Windows 10 and Mac. SecureLine VPN is installed on one or both computers without any problems. Removing  Avast VPN fromyour device  is as easy as installing it and leaves no trace, which shows that it places great emphasis on security, transparency and professionalism.

Avast SecureLine VPN is easy to use, as it also has a very simple interface. First, you’ll see a large Connect logo that you can select. Then you will have the capability to any server from any country, with your identity completely anonymous. As for work in background, a complicated encryption algorithm makes all connections unreadable.

Only encrypted data can be used by someone attempting to trace or translate your link. The new encryption method-AES is used by Avast SecureLine VPN with an encryption level of 2560bit. The most reliable encryption in the world is AES.


What are Avast VPNs performing functions?

Avast SecureLine VPN is a VPN focused on subscriptions developed by Avast. It is true for

Operating systems: MacOS, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows.

Avast SecureLine VPN encrypts the network traffic of a customer and redirects it from Avast data centers via a tunnel. This changes the geolocation of the user’s IP address to that of the selected VPN server. The VPN can be set to turn on automatically when the user connects to the Internet via public WLAN.

Similar to other VPNs, SecureLine VPN makes the user appear in a different location by changing their IP address and bypassing Internet censorship for the country the user is in or the Wi-Fi network they are using.

As it is a safe, encrypted link between two networks or between a single user and a network, a VPN helps you to access the Internet privately.

A easy way to explain how VPN functions is to believe that on Tron Light Cycles, the Web is a cyber highway and users circumvent it. Users visit their favorite blogs, look at their portfolio, shop in shops, get news from multiple outlets, play sports, and many more.

Digital highways can be quickly pursued by those who wish to figure out what’s going on. By just searching, someone who can see your web activities, who you are and whom you want to come can do so. What makes matters worse is that, because you are really traceable, someone will take you anywhere.

A VPN is like a veil and masks your online presence with anonymity. It’s like trading in your easily identifiable light cycle for a rental car with tinted windows. You are shrouded in data encryption, with your name and location secretly hidden by a phony IP address.

Everything you send and receive online is encrypted by Avast SecureLine VPN. The root of your link would show up as one of the several VPN routers when you reach the Internet via a VPN gateway, not your own.

The nearest you can come to absolute anonymity online is Avast SecureLine VPN. You don’t have to use a TOR network that bounces your connection around a widespread network of relays, keeping your activity in constant motion to prevent anyone from focusing on it.SecureLine VPN doesn’t use this kind of protocol, although they do provide sufficient and essential protection when you’re driving through the deregulated and hacker-lined cyber highways.


Avast VPN Advantages

Avast SecureLine VPN has a number of pros and cons, much as all VPN service providers. Its versatility is the general benefit of using SecureLine VPN, which makes it an easy to use VPN operation.

For beginners, it is ideal as it can be built and set up within minutes. You might also forget about your machine running on it.

It can be seen on different computers.

Just for a Mac or Laptop, certain VPN providers provide security. With Avast, SecureLine VPN runs smoothly on several computers. It can be downloaded on your Mac or Desktop, or on any system running iOS or Android.

Not all VPN providers, unfortunately, have this alternative. People are more on the move now than ever, and even when you are searching in an unknown area, safe mobile technology protects your information.

Customers of Avast SecureLine VPN who use their smartphone applications love how easy and safe it is to use them.

By pressing a button, Avast’s basic interface helps you to connect to the server of your choosing. Depending on your current location, you can also ask your software to connect to the best server location.

Avast SecureLine mobile apps don’t affect the performance of your mobile device, which is great when traveling or when internet speeds are slow.


Geographically diverse servers

Although there are a huge number of servers on certain VPN providers, Avast SecureLine VPN doesn’t. In 34 countries, SecureLine VPN has only 55 server positions. In seven major cities in the US, servers are based, making Avast an ideal provider for US customers.

The more places to pick from, with no latency, the higher your odds of having decent internet speeds.. Frequent travelers are familiar with slow hotel wifi connections, so it’s necessary to get a VPN that won’t add to your speeds.


Avast VPN Disadvantages

Missing features

One of the main disadvantages of Avast SecureLine VPN is the lack of control over how you stay protected. SecureLine VPN doesn’t give you any control. There are no features that you can control, other than the server you choose to connect to.

While it’s handy if you want to remain as unobtrusive as possible by connecting to a non-local server, it’s an option that most VPNs usually offer. In the area of offering additional functionality such as port forwarding, kill switches, ad blocking, and other characteristics that safeguard your privacy and security, SecureLine VPN misses the target.

If you just want security from a simple VPN bubble, Avast is the right option. If you want some sort of power over how you remain safe, you may want to start searching elsewhere.

For most browsers that provide equivalent resources, you can also download free VPN plugins without having to pay a monthly or annual charge.The Opera browser, for example, has a built-in VPN that you can activate if you need to.


No support for routers

It is necessary to remember that to provide extra security, Avast SecureLine VPN can not be set up on routers. For PCs, Macs, and handheld devices only, Avast is simple VPN security.

For a number of, this may not be a big deal, but when searching for a VPN service, it’s something to keep in mind. The benefit of installing a VPN on a router is that all the computers in your home are secured without forcing you to log in each time you log in. It’s most useful if you want to protect your gaming consoles, smart TVs, IoT devices, and your phones and tablets.

Although the absence of this role is not a deal-breaker, with a firewall, there is still the advantage of getting the ability to use SecureLine VPN.

To provide additional security, a VPN cannot be set up on routers. For PCs, Macs, and handheld devices only, Avast is simple VPN security.

While the lack of this feature isn’t a deal-breaker, there’s always the benefit of having the option to use SecureLine VPN with a router.


Avast VPN Features


Security & Safety

Avast SecureLine VPN uses the OpenVPN connection protocol on Windows and Android devices, and IPSec on macOS and iOS. OpenVPN runs over UDP and allows for a bit more speed when streaming and/or torrenting. macOS and iOS are based on Apple’s proprietary stacks for ultimate performance and compatibility.

For encryption, Avast SecureLine VPN uses AES-256 encryption, by far the best and most secure option in VPN. It uses both” military “and” bank-grade ” encryption, which is extremely efficient and unbreakable by any computer that exists today.

Avast SecureLine VPN Leak Defense protects you from sensitive details and prohibits your real location or IP address from being exposed during testing.

As soon as your VPN is sabotaged or disrupted, the app has an efficient kill switch function that terminates your Internet connection.


Streaming and Torrenting

Not known for its geo-spoofing streaming services, Avast SecureLine VPN recently agreed to encourage its users to access Netflix US outside their country of origin.

This means a person can conveniently access the US version of Netflix in Europe. Streaming Netflix from Canada, Germany and France is also possible.

On some of its pages, SecureLine VPN does not support P2P – file sharing and torrenting.

For simplified entry, certain servers are marked on the client, including the following areas:

– Amsterdam

– Prague

– New York City

– Frankfurt

– Miami

– Paris, France

– London

If torrenting is your reason for a VPN, Avast has you covered due to strategically positioned locations all over the world.


Avast VPN Prices And Plans

Prices and plans are important factors when choosing their VPN providers.

How much does Avast SecureLine VPN cost?

Avast offers 1-month or 1 -, 2 – or 3-year subscription options for the supported platforms as follows:

  • Windows – 1 month = $8.99; 1 year = $59.99;2 years = $109.999; 1 year = $59.99;
  • macOS – 1 month = 8.99 dollars; 1 year = 39.99 dollars; 2 years = 59.999 dollars
  • Android and iOS – 1 month = 2.99 dollars, 1 year = 19.99 dollars
  • Multi-Device – $8.99 for 1 month; $79.99 for 1 year; $149.99 for 2 years; $219.99 for 3 years; $219.999 for 3 years;

You will use the 7-day free trial if you would like to download the first Avast SecureLine VPN before buying it. Avast gives its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee after payment, which is more than ample time for you to verify how it works for you.

There are the following payment methods approved by Avast SecureLine VPN:

-the credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)



Avast VPN speed test

Many people are still not familiar with Avast SecureLine VPN, which may be a positive thing since its servers are not as busy as other common VPN providers.

Although SecureLine VPN has considerably fewer servers compared to other providers, their pace is remarkable. Their servers almost all hit very high bandwidths.

Downloading a 4-5 GB movie can be done in a matter of minutes. Every now and then you connect to a slow server, but the problem can be quickly solved by clicking on another server.

Below are examples of Avast SecureLine VPN speed in other countries:

US server speed results:

– Ping – 113 ms

– Download – 67.94 Mbit / S

– Upload – 13.67 Mbit / S

Netherlands server transfer speed:

– Ping: 34 ms

– Download – 65.97 Mbit / S

– Upload – 39.44 Mbit / S

Avast SecureLine VPN speed tests are not the fastest, but they are not the slowest either.


Avast SecureLine VPN servers

It’s safe to say that, in terms of servers, Avast SecureLine VPN protects all continents. With a total of 16 servers, the US is the most widely represented region.

There are three servers in the United Kingdom, while Russia, Germany, Spain, and Canada each have two. The others, including Norway, Taiwan, Denmark, Belgium, Australia, South Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, and Israel, have one server each.


Does Netflix work for Avast VPN?

An unresolved fight is still going on between VPN and Netflix. Sadly, for now, Avast SecureLine VPN is losing the fight. When you have an Avast link, Netflix understands and will not let you watch movies or programs. For other streaming platforms, such as BBC iplayer, the same goes.

Let’s hope this changes, as Avast SecureLine VPN is always working to stay one step ahead of Netflix’s blocking features.

Users have connections to certain Avast SecureLine VPN servers to operate with Netflix. There are servers in  both the US and the UK that you can use to access Netflix, but the number of servers is restricted.


Privacy and Protocols by Avast VPN

Avast SecureLine VPN is transparent and frank with its logging policies. From the beginning, consumers know what they’re in for.

On Avast’s support website, the company confirms that it logs these details:

– The connection and disconnection time logs.

– How long you stay online with the VPN

– How much bandwidth is being used


For logging the data, some of your personal information, such as IP address and device name, is used. Since paying packages are delivered by Avast SecureLine VPN, your account information is not stored.

And what you do when logging in, you retain your privacy.. Avast SecureLine VPN does not track:

– Websites you browse

– What you download or upload

– What other IP addresses you access

This knowledge of security gives you peace of mind that someone isn’t watching you all the time.

Avast’s expert security comes in handy. The company has a secure infrastructure that restricts access to this information. And when you enter or enter your premises remotely with an encrypted VPN can anyone see your personal details that can recognise you.

Only those persons are allowed to work with this data within Avast.These individuals use a secure process with passwords.

Your information is stored not only on Avast’s servers, but also on servers of other agents or contractors the company works with.

Information is stored under 256-bit encryption:


  • * Collected information under minimal encryption.
  • – Other important information such as financial data is automatically encrypted
  • – If it is required to transfer your data, it is handled with an https protocol
  • The privacy policy of Avast specified that, under some conditions, it had to exchange information. You agree to it when you sign up to use SecureLine VPN, the organization may:
  • * Share data with third parties that supply those resources that you request.
  • * Show government agencies that need it with details. This is important to show that the company complies with the privacy laws of the server location countries. Some servers are located in the EU and Avast must comply with the GDPR specifications.
  • It is stated that your data will never be misused or used for marketing when these entities are accessed.


Avast VPN Support

Avast SecureLine VPN’s support site is a huge resource packed with setup, usage and troubleshooting guides. However, the vast majority apply to Avast’s other products. The SecureLine section is a very simple VPN knowledge base and doesn’t even have live chat. Without a live chat, issues cannot be answered in real time.

The main page contains 15 articles divided into three categories-basic usage, subscription and purchase, and technical issues. Many of these are core VPN issues like the user having to create  an Avast account.

There is also a SecureLine FAQ that, though with very little detail, has more relevant subjects. Nothing equivalent to common VPN providers is included.

You can try to pose a question in the SecureLine area of the Avast support forum if you can’t find urgent assistance online. This is not especially busy, and in less than an hour, most questions get a response.

You can contact Avast Help directly if you still have a question. There is an online form with the disclaimer that “Avast Support usually responds within two business days. “They also have a 24/7 phone line where you can leave a callback number to reach you for support.


Avast VPN Stance on Refunds

Avast SecureLine VPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on subscriptions bought by the end customer directly from the company via its online retail stores or Google Play.

If your order of software qualifies and you follow all the directions in the Redemption and Reimbursement Agreement closely within 30 days of the date of purchase, your contract will be canceled and you will receive 100% of the amount you pay back for the existing subscription period.

You may also unsubscribe from Avast SecureLine VPN and request a refund that is prorated for the expired or unused portion of the subscription period.

Before requesting a cancellation and refund from Avast, first read all the restrictions and limitations described in the Cancellation and Refund Policy.


Is Avast VPN Secureline recommended?

Avast SecureLine VPN doesn’t offer much in the way of features, but it is very easy to use and effective. SecureLine VPN lets you set trusted networks that are always useful and have the killswitch, which is important.

However, if you are the user who wants to tinker with other settings, you are out of luck with Avast SecureLine VPN.

If you plan to use the VPN for torrenting, there are dedicated servers for P2P. But because of our general concern for privacy, you may want to look to other VPN providers for better alternatives.

With Avast SecureLine VPN, privacy is the main challenge. Avast is open enough to admit that it logs your IP address and has sent law enforcement agents customer information in the past, but very seldom. You might have to look elsewhere if you’re checking for full protection from your VPN.

Also, the fact that Avast SecureLine VPN doesn’t work with Netflix or can use BBC Iplayer is a big problem. Although not everyone wants to stream over VPN, this is a very common problem for secure network connections.

The absence of router support, the fact that it is based in the Czech jurisdiction, and the prices that will be easily beaten by other VPN providers do not make this VPN high on the catalogie of good and adviced Virtual Private Networks.

The SecureLine VPN analysis from Avast reveals that it’s not a bad VPN. It’s pretty quick; it supports torrents and just keeps logs of connections. Also, mostly leak-free is its relation.

However, without spending too much, you can get these features. Finding a VPN that supports Netflix is simple. In the end, it’s not a bad option for Avast SecureLine VPN, but not the right one.


Is there any good VPN for Avast?

This VPN analysis by Avast SecureLine is an in-depth review of the VPN service and has proven that it is not. However, there are some things that people will like about Avast SecureLine VPN.

It has a user-friendly app, fast connection speeds, and can temporarily access geographically restricted content on popular streaming platforms, including Netflix.

As other providers provide even better speeds, server coverage, and ease of use, Avast SecureLine VPN could not make it into the top 5 VPNs. Avast SecureLine VPN provides a decent basic service, but it also costs more than the sophisticated functionality of some of the better VPNs on the market.

AVAST SecureLine VPN is fine by every metric. But nice is not enough most of the time.

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