Today, most Internet users are vulnerable to cyber attacks because they use weak passwords to secure their online accounts.

Today, the majority of Internet users are vulnerable to cyber attack not because they don’t use high-quality antivirus software or VPN service, but because they use weak passwords to secure their online accounts.

Passwords are your last lines of protection against online threats. Just look back at the recent data breaches with extramarital affair website Ashley Madison, which resulted in a lot of information being published online.

Despite the fact that you can’t control data breaches, it’s still important to create robust passwords that can be exposed to dictionary and brute force attacks. you see, the longer and more complicated your password is, the harder it is to crack.


Why use a password manager?

Remember some websites ask you to create longer or stronger passwords because your password is too weak (Gmail, for example). This is because it is If it is longer and more difficult, it would be difficult for hackers to obtain access to your password.

For separate accounts, it is often advised that you build unique passwords such that if one account is targeted, you can still have another one to use.

Now we all know that memorizing all those long and complicated passwords is a real hassle, because let’s face it, you’re going to forget them anyway.


What exactly is a password manager?

For those who are who don’t knoe there way around a password manager, in a nutshell, it is a software that creates hard-to-guess passwords for all your accounts and stores them in a database.

Password managers can be used to automatically log into your accounts by retrieving your security details your database. The advantageous thing about this software is that it can only be accessed through Password for master. This implies that all your other account data’ passwords can be protected by a single password.


Which password manager should you get?

Now since you are aware of what a password manager works and what it is in general, let’s take have a look at the best password manager is for you. We’ll cover the two most common operating systems for computers, namely Windows and OS X.


Keeper password manager

First on the list is Keeper Password Manager. This password manager uses a military grade AES encryption of 256 bits. This is probably one of the fully secure password managers on Windows.

What makes it truly unique is the self-destruct feature, which literally blows away all your personal information saved in the database if the wrong master password is keyed in more than five times.


Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is another excellent password protection tool. It also uses AES 256-bit encryption and has an online synchronization feature that lets you access the database anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.


LastPass Password Manager.

LastPass Password Manager is another really awesome password program based in the cloud, making it available for accessibility  on the net. Like the others, this one also uses 256-bit AES encryption. For an added security feature, this password manager also offers a fingerprint reader support feature.



Log Me Once Manager happens to be one of the best on the market and can sync information across All platforms even Android excluding iOs.

One of this password manager’s special characteristics is that it has a mugshot feature.that would actually take a picture of the person trying to access your account. Just like the previously mentioned password – managers, this one also has military grade AES 256-bit encryption.



This manager is recommended for OS X. KeyPass Password Manager one also has the same encryption as the others, but offers mobile app and browser extensions. In using this you have the added option to switch your encryption to Twofish 256-bit instead of AES.


Apple iCloud Keychain

Finally, we have Apple iCloud Keychain, which is made specifically for Apple products. This is the best and offers similar features as the others mentioned before and has a secure elliptic curve asymmetric cryptography that makes it very strong security wise. The only downside of is that it only works on Apple devices.


Final Thoughts

There are some of the most cool password managers you can use for personal as well as company use. The best thing about these administrators of passwords is that they are really good secure and easy to use.

In this manner, you can add an additional layer of security to your computer to ensure that hackers or trackers can’t access your information while you’re surfing the web.

Since the number of security breaches is increasing, it’s definitely a must to invest in additional security features, so you don’t have to worry about these things happening to you.

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