Targeted Marketing: An Invasion of Privacy

I know I should probably care about continually losing more privacy in the virtual world of the Internet, but in reality… I don’t. Sure, I understand the right and need for privacy, but I also believe the only practical business model that presents a possible win-win while improving personal lives in a very practical manner

Hulu and a VPN

To get a Hulu vpn you won’t have to invest much time or money. Rather than drag this article out, I’ll give you the juicy details first and I’ll leave the less important stuff for last. A Hulu vpn download will just take about ten minutes and ten bucks a month. I recommend 12vpn or

Protect Your TEENS and PRETEENS on the Internet

There are a few ways to check on your teenager’s relationships to determine if they are in a dangerous or troublesome relationship or situation. Most of their relationships will involve technology, so accessing their “technology” will clue you in. All their relationships will involve text messages by phone, instant messaging by computer, social sites like

How to Get a Great Free Trial Vpn

Free trial vpns are hard to come by. Sure, you may find that if you type “free trial vpn” into google, you get a lot of results, but many of the links are broken, or you’ll often find out that what used to be a free service now requires that you pay a fee. disappointing

Privacy and the Internet

The rise of the Internet and related information technologies has made privacy invasions possible on a wider scale and has rendered ineffective current legal methods of defining and approaching privacy concerns when it comes to the new publishing paradigm.Privacy violations can be conceptualized as falling under two categories, institutional and informational. Governments and corporations are

How to Create “Friend Lists” and Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to segment your groups of friends and control what select people are able to see by making Friend Lists and changing your Privacy Settings.Creating Friend Lists: Log in to Facebook. Go to the Friends section on the top navigation bar of the page. On the left hand side of the Friends

Is There a New Standard for Online Privacy?

The Mercury News reports that Facebook is tracking a user through cookies and selling the information, even after the user has canceled his or her account. CNN reports that mobile phone companies are also tracking each user and selling the information to the highest bidder. Some of the user data on Facebook and through mobile

3 Ways the Google Buzz Privacy Flaw Can Ruin Your Life

Google’s new social network Google Buzz has a major privacy flaw that can land you in big trouble. Buzz users risk showing all of their private information to their entire network due to Google’s automatic setup – and this can possibly ruin your life.Your Work Life May Be In Shambles Google Buzz’s automatic setup process

As Technology-Assisted Surveillance Increases, Personal Privacy is Decreasing, Says Professor

In an Oct. 9 press release, Mark Andrejevic, Ph.D., currently of the Centre for Cultural amp; Critical Studies (CCCS) at the University of Queensland, Australia, details just how intrusive technology-assisted surveillance has become and how it can affect virtually everyone in the most unsuspecting ways.Dr. Andrejevic says that technology-assisted surveillance is sometimes thought of as

The Internet and Your Not-So-Private Privacy

I received an email this morning telling me if i go to and type in my phone number that it will pull up my name, address and a link to click on that will have a map to my home. i also just went to my Google browser bar and entered our phone number



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