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Based in Romania, CyberGhost has begun to build a reputation as a world-leading service provider when it comes to VPN services. Indeed, CyberGhost offers basically everything you can rightfully expect from a provider, such as excellent customer support and customer service, unblocking of streaming services, exceptional speed, and more. CyberGhost also has some security features which are certainly worth noting, separating it from the pack in terms of many other VPN providers. CyberGhost is easy to use, has a solid encryption standard, allows torrenting, and we could not detect a leak for the life of us. But is it the best VPN for Canadians?

Now, CyberGhost review would be complete with acknowledging some questions of trust and such which have arisen due to some negative reviews and even some public security allegations have been raised in the news.

Is it worth trusting CyberGhost in light of all of this? Well, the 15,000,000 current users seem to think so, especially as it is sometimes called the best VPN service on the market. Let’s dive in.

Basic Services

CyberGhost does all the basics and more. They hide your IP, manage to encrypt your activity and make it completely anonymous, and keeps up to seven devices protected as you use the internet net. Available in 60 countries on nearly 4,000 servers, CyberGhost VPN also provides you with a kill switch, which many good VPN services still have not begun to offer. With this amount of VPN servers available in so many places (in which this CyberGhost server quantity is equally spread), it is easy to see why when it comes to those offering you VPN, CyberGhost is near the top of the list and rising.

The AES 256-bit encryption standards are guaranteed to keep you and your online life totally private. Take a look at their comprehensive privacy policy to learn more about the protection you get when you use CyberGhost– including, of course, zero logging. Now that we have used CyberGhost we can affirm that they stay true to this promise, unlike so many other VPN providers which also make this claim but fail to deliver.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Most people are interested in this for reasons of streaming. Netflix continues their battle against VPNs, but have not fully prevailed with CyberGhost. CyberGhost servers are still successfully blocking Netflix in most of the world, including the USA and the UK. Meanwhile some countries like Germany have not had such good luck. This shifts, so stay tuned and make sure that your country is still experiencing the benefits of unblocking before subscribing to CyberGhost. If you’re unsure, just reach out to the CyberGhost team to clarify. Some services, such as BBC iPlayer, already do not work.

There is higher capacity than the competitors among providers of VPN, connection of up to seven devices at once is permitted. This is significantly higher than many which set their limit of about 4 or 5.

CyberGhost, on the other hand, stays true to a very strict policy which restricts logging of any kind. This isn’t to say that all companies forced to log your VPN are doing something nefarious with the data, but if you are prioritizing privacy, you may as well invest in a company which can both provide you with anonymous IP addresses as well as provide a higher degree of security– needless to say those who use CyberGhost as their VPN provider get both.

Customer Support - A Simple Message Away

CyberGhost does not take their customers for granted. Customer service is available through a live chat which is quick and effective. Now, many previous reviews were critical of CyberGhost in the past (which is reflected in the reviews) but since being purchased by their new parent company they have steadily improved to have some of the best customer service in the business. In fact, CyberGhost support is among the best we have reviewed, and just another reason to recommend the Cyber Ghost VPN service.

Cost, Pricing, and Payment

One extremely notable thing for VPN users is that CyberGhost, as service provider, can come to about $10 per month cheaper than other major options among the options. Now, this comes with conditions. This value comes if you sign up for three years, which might seem like a big commitment. Should you choose to go month-by-month to size up other VPN providers, it’s $12.99. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, or bitcoin. There are some people who want this kind of privacy, but may earn too little to pay over $10 every month. For these people, we recommend using CyberGhost and their longer term plans. There are no hidden fees, no upsells, and no hidden clauses.

CyberGhost also offers a money-back guarantee that is considerably better than many other VPN providers. Rather than just a 30-day money-back guarantee, CyberGhost offers a full 45-day guarantee. And no, you won’t have to justify your choice or put up with any hassle– if you choose you don’t want to commit to the service (within 45 days), you’ll get your money back. It’s that simple.

Conclusion - Do We Recommend CyberGhost VPN?

Let’s take an overarching view of what CyberGhost offers. The benefits include a protected promise that they will not log your activity, a kill switch is included, it is easy to use and highly secure, and there are absolutely no DNS leaks. Most looking for a VPN are interested in torrenting, Netflix, and/or TOR– this is an ideal VPN provider for all of this and more.

As for those accusations of illicit activity in the past, as far as we can tell, CyberGhost is highly trustworthy and has addressed any of the concerns that were raised in the past.

Considering their commitment to their privacy policy and the extent to which they go to ensure trust, secure, and protection as well as generally effective VPN services at a highly reasonable cost.

To conclude this CyberGhost VPN review, it is simple enough to say we “recommend” this service.



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