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These days, it really seems difficult to decipher the best VPN on the market; in this ExpressVPN review, you will learn all about exactly why ExpressVPN is considered the best VPN service by many. Here’s a spoiler: ExpressVPN is among the very best in the business according to speed tests, quantity and reach of servers, and those who have used the ExpressVPN app also suggest it is the best VPN app out there.

We’ll get into more detail as the article goes along, but generally the number of servers (over 3,000) over the 160 server locations (over 3000 IP addresses), and the ability to support up to 5 devices makes this a great option and sets it apart from many other VPN service providers. ExpressVPN offers high speeds from basically anywhere on the planet. Not to mention, ExpressVPN users also prize things like customer service, customer support (complete with live chat), and their offer of a solid money-back guarantee– all the while optimizing things like privacy and security.

The ExpressVPN desktop app is mostly flawless, and the cost per month for ExpressVPN is admirable considering the speeds and servers. Whether you come to this ExpressVPN review because you are looking for a new VPN service– or if you are someone who has used ExpressVPN and is curious, you should know that ExpressVPN has secured a reputation for being easy to use, but also very fast– always surpassing the speeds of other VPN service providers in speed tests as well as ease of use.

So, let's dig in to what makes ExpressVPN superior.

As soon as you start to use ExpressVPN, you will notice that when compared to other VPN providers, the speed tests didn’t lie (and ExpressVPN manages to launch ahead of the competition in each speed test). It’s fast. In terms of Unblocking Netflix is a common need for many people, and those using ExpressVPN will tell you how effective unblocking is with this service.

For users of ExpressVPN, Netflix is not the only thing that is at stake. Those who decide to use the VPN care a lot about protecting their IP address, they care about a money-back guarantee, they care customer service and customer support (available 24 7) through channels like live chat and more. This review aims to be partial, but can’t deny that ExpressVPN excels in each of these regards, and may be the best way to protect your IP address– just take a look at the ExpressVPN privacy policy if you need to learn exactly what ExpressVPN stands for in this regard. They handle all the little VPN things regarding servers, connection logs, app management, with the same aptitude as their excellent ExpressVPN support, customer service, and more.

Let’s not forget split tunneling, which allows you to improve the performance which allows some apps to use the VPN and not others. This is advanced, but ExpressVPN also does basically everything else every other service does, and does it better.

In terms of the customer support and customer service live chat, ExpressVPN is fantastic. Get the information you need regarding anything from Netflix use to server speed, connection logs, or other more specific questions (related to VPN specifically or broadly) by reaching out.

Where Can I Use ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN supports five simultaneous connections per user, as well, which is a big part of why people enjoy ExpressVPN. Whether you are in Canada or the British Virgin Islands, Express VPN is going to be the option for you, as well as for folks in 94 countries that ExpressVPN services. Now, those who want a VPN often express that they have specific needs which ExpressVPN may not be able to hit, regarding things like dns queries, vpn server quantity, browser extensions, and more. Nevertheless,no matter where you are, the customer support team is always available to provide excellent customer service via a call or live chat– yes, even in relatively isolated areas, people choose to have their IP address handled by ExpressVPN.

In general, ExpressVPN offers a great download speed, and for us Netflix users (and those looking for more than just us Netflix users, too) ExpressVPN, available 24/7 with their live chat, is ready to use with servers and service all around the globe.

ExpressVPN Stands Out From the Rest

Yes, ExpressVPN is totally legit on all of these fronts and more. ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix, handles activity logs responsibly, has so many severs in many server locations, is easy to use, and also keeps upgrading in speed, internet access, and others.

Whether you are in New York or one of the other 93 countries ExpressVPN serves, there is a good chance this service will offer what you are looking for from a VPN. VPN connection, support, app use, ExpressVPN support, all get a lot of credit for their quality. The amount of data, sheer speed, servers, server support, Netflix capabilities, and so much more all speak for themselves.

Unlike other services, ExpressVPN practices what it preaches in terms of OpenVPN, which also a huge plus. We looked into OpenVPN udp and were impressed with how ExpressVPN handles this element of things.

Where ExpressVPN Might Lack

It wouldn’t be a proper ExpressVPN reviewer without a few critiques of ExpressVPN, of course. Some who use ExpressVPN do have a few complaints. Generally though, as of 2019 ExpressVPN is the best. Some who use ExpressVPN for their VPN express concern about the cost, as some customers may earn less than others. ExpressVPN has listened to this criticism and their prices remain just slightly above average. Compared to average VPN, those who use ExpressVPN will notice that the speed, server quality and consistency of these servers (3 000 servers around the globe) providing a safe and also consistent connection all around the globe, ExpressVPN is ahead of the game. Although ExpresssVPN is always beating competitors when it comes to speed in a speed test (and also regarding download speed), and offers just as much money back in their 30-day money-back guarantee, some would like to pay less per month.

Paying less per month is something ExpressVPN understands, especially if you are also just a regular Netflix user with a regular connection who does not care so much about servers and speeds and just wants to watch shows on Apple TV, Kindle Fire, or Netflix… But once you look at things like browser extensions, network lock, VPN connection, you realize that even though ExpressVPN may cost slightly more per month, you really get what you pay for. On the desktop VPN app and mobile app, some have criticized ExpressVPN for its lack of kill switch., although ExpressVPN is far from the only VPN provider which doesn’t offer this.

So, give ExpressVPN a shot and see what all the fuss is about. We affirm that the hype is well-earned with this service. And, if you’re not satisfied, don’t be afraid to reach out and get your money back (within 30 days).



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