What is the search engine alternatives?

Google is notorious for providing a “personalized experience” to its users. It’s fun and smart – you can credit the tech giant for that.

Though this convenience also comes at a price, as Google can pry your browsing history and collect your personal data. For this reason, many users have started using Google alternatives for privacy and security reasons.

This threat has become so popular that many search engines, not only Google, have taken positive measures to protect users from unwanted monitoring. If you are not satisfied with

Google search results or want a search engine with efficient performance, you will find the best Google alternatives in this article.

The most popular Google search engine alternatives


If you desire to achieve maximum privacy while browsing, DuckDuckGo is your go-to alternative to Google – search engine. It became popularly known for its top-notch user security features-what you might be looking for.

The website you visit has no way of tracking you or spying on your browsing activity. This means that no ads will target you. Moreover, it has a simple interface and offers search results from Yandex, Yahoo and other search engines. You can install the DuckDuckGo extension in your existing browser to manage private online sessions.

It offers all the essential functionality of a search engine like Google, but has a unique feature called “bangs” that is worth knowing. It allows users to browse directly to other websites such as  Wikipedia, Amazon, or YouTube,given that an exclamation  is placed at the beginning of their query (e.g.”!amazon”, “!wikipedia”, or “!Facebook”).


Notable features of DuckDuckGo:

  • Prevents user monitoring and wards off ads.
  • Most requested Google alternative for security and privacy
  • Easy to navigate user interface with infinite scrolling feature


Home page

StartPage pulls search results and provides proxy service to visit websites anonymously and privately. For a cookie-free Internet, it has a custom URL generator that eliminates the need to set up a cookie. You can keep your privacy options

In addition, you can customize the theme of the search engine. You can choose from night (dark mode), air (default mode), black, white and other classic modes.


Notable features of the home page:

  • Almost similar to Google – search engine, minus the monitoring.
  • Does not log your personal information,as well as your IP.



SearX is another genius metasearch engine that in this post deserves a shout out. This website keeps on to your personal data and offers impartial search information from far-reaching sites, balancing the objective of a decentralized and worry-free browsing session.

It restores search results from various sources, including popular ones like the aforementioned DuckDuckGo, Google, Wikipedia, Google and many others. SearX established itself as an open-source – Google replacement. It also is accessible to all users for source code review and GitHub contributions.

Users are able to customize it to how you want your metasearch engine to look and work, and connect it to your server.

With this amazing Google counterpart, you can play with the settings in the preferences sections with updated options that other search engines lack. Die-hard fans of torrent will rave about this search engine, since searching for links for specific files is easier and faster.


Notable features of SearX:

  • Offers numerous options for updating search results.
  • A private search engine that is easy to customize


Encrypt search

Another reliable metasearch engine that addresses anonymity as its key concern is Search Encrypt, enabling users to browse securely and anonymously online. No user information that could expose your identity is registered by the website, as it uses local encryption to secure your search.

Search Encrypt is almost identical to Google, which makes it a perfect option, but it’s built to block the personalized search demand filter bubble and host more than 23 million users everyday.

The most incredible aspect of this Google competitor is that, after 15 minutes of inactivity, your local browsing activity is instantly erased. This offers you, even though anyone has keys to your PC, the peace of mind you deserve.

Remarkable characteristics of Search Encrypt:

  • A highly recommended private browsing search engine.
  • Sports an automated erase option for all surfing activity.



Compared to other rivals referred to in this post, this Google equivalent is special. Disconnect does not show any findings on its website in contrast to them. Instead, it forwards your query to its servers, so you anonymously online then displays the search results in your private search engine.

It somehow functions like a browser plugin that you need to install because Reconnect does not have a website where you can conduct your quest.

Apart from that, it gets its revenue from the most recommended VPN service, so the search results delivered to users have no traces of affiliate codes or ads.

Notable separation features:

  •  Allows for private browsing in the search engine of your choice
  • – An open-source browser extension
  • – Available in iOS Safari,  Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Android.


Why you should not use Google search

There’s Google on almost every device, including your computer, watch, and even your car, but nothing beats your PC with Google Search. Google is used by almost 65% of web surfers in the US as their default search engine.

You will want to reconsider your private search engine options if you’re still relying on Google to answer all your questions to date. In this article we highlight reasons why you should absolutely leave Google and look for other search engines – you will wonder later about this post.


  1. Your surfing history is monitored by Google and you need to avoid it.


By arguing that monitoring enhances its offerings and makes advertising more important, Google will possibly defend its business. To protect yourself, though, bear in mind that your browsing habits should remain confidential.

You can access Google from a private browser tab, disable search monitoring, or use other search engines such as DuckDuckGo that do not record personal details of their users if you wish to avoid Google’s automated tracking mechanism.


  1. Google lacks efficiency in technical search queries.


No matter how popular or intelligent the Google search engine is, it still doesn’t match the encyclopedic capacity of Wolfram Alpha, which even gives you the exact location of the International Space Station.

Google is capable of many things, but Wolfram Alpha gives you probabilities, fractions and other complex calculations in detail. You can also scan for famous words in famous literary works, and you will never be disappointed by Wolfram Alpha.


  1. Google pries on your Deep Web search.


You should be worried with your protection and privacy if you ever use Google as you dive into the Deep Web. You may turn to other search engine replacements, such as SearX or DuckDuckGo, to counteract Google’s advanced monitoring technologies.


  1. Update video results

Bing outperforms Google when it comes to video and this is a well-known fact. Interface-wise, it offers matching videos displayed in a thumbnail style to enable you to access instant samples of the mouse pointer over the performance.

Besides, you can also get extremely accessible filters without having to visit YouTube. Using drop-down options at the top of the site, you can easily view the duration, resolution, source and date of the video.

  1. Earn more revenue

If you’re a U.S. resident, you can use Microsoft Rewards – which used to be called Bing Rewards – to earn credit when you try new features, search the web, or take advantage of certain special offers.

You will use the credit you receive at different stores, such as GameStop, Amazon, and more. You can spend it on applications and websites like Xbox, Hulu, Skype, and the like online as well.


Why DuckDuckGo is most recommended

DuckDuckGo has set up its website as a search engine for its users and does not undertake any monitoring activities. The majority of search engines you can use, like Google, gather and log your search information so that your search results and advertisements are personalized.

This is the main reason why DuckDuckGo remains the best search engine alternative, since it doesn’t monitor you and doesn’t customize your search results.

In recent years, developments have shown how most tech giants use your personal data, and this is alarming.

For example, Facebook distributes your private data to third parties and Timehop leaks your personal data to more than 21 million accounts they handle. With that, you will theoretically be affected by data breaches.

So, if you ever doubt the reliability of DuckDuckGo, with all the data breaches that exist online, this is fairly natural.

But don’t worry, you’re going to hear a few important things about why you should turn to this search engine.

For instance, DuckDuckGo focuses on private and anonymous searching and, as a trustworthy search engine, the business has come a long way. The following are additional points concerning DuckDuckGo that will convince you.

They have also integrated a privacy level for websites with a rating from A to F, so you can determine how well a website preserves your anonymity. Most of the mobile app and browser features are aimed at preventing surveillance and protecting your privacy. Simply put, DuckDuckGo’s features mainly focus on keeping you safe online.

Moreover, DuckDuckGo does not keep records of your data, which makes it unique among other search engines. This is how the company protects your data online.

DuckDuckGo’s privacy-centric environment is the exact opposite of Google’s highly targeted environment. Custom and personalized advertising, feed bubbles, or custom search results do not exist. This is by far the best or worst aspect of DDG, based on what you are looking for.

This lack of surveillance covers up all the positive things for those who take privacy very seriously. Just as you thought all of DuckDuckGo’s cards are spread out, it has another awesome feature: the pony.

It helps you to search the websites of third parties directly from DDG. You’d like to visit makeuseof.com, for example. With Google, you can search for a website by typing:makeuseof.com. On the other side, you need to type, using DDG’s special pony mechanism! Muo, preceded by the keyword of choice.

Moreover, when you browse a website through thousands of available websites, you will be redirected directly to the website instead of the search engine results. However, if you want to browse the custom Google reports, you can still visit them by adding them! At the start of your search word, g and it will take you there directly.

DuckDuckGo just proves that it can go along with versatility and stability. For anyone searching for ultimate anonymity, it is great, but more critically, it is far from being a niche commodity.



Google is one of the most famous search engines of all time and has a massive 90% market share of all search engines in different parts of the world. This search engine uses sophisticated and intelligent algorithms along with AI amplification that deliver a flawless and customized search experience to all.

When most individuals are used to having Google as their go-to search tool, it can be a little daunting to turn to other ways.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however, since you can check out several user-friendly and safe Google alternatives, like the ones listed in this post. Only make sure that if you want to secure your privacy and anonymity online, you use the most preferred VPN providers.

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