Free trial vpns are hard to come by. Sure, you may find that if you type “free trial vpn” into google, you get a lot of results, but many of the links are broken, or you’ll often find out that what used to be a free service now requires that you pay a fee. disappointing right?
Very often as well, what actually is a free trial vpn, won’t actually do what you’re looking to get done. If you’re looking for a freebie, then you should head over to Hide My Ass – they have a free proxy that can get you a lot of places (though not all) that a vpn would. However, if you’re truly looking to test out a vpn before you purchase, a free trial vpn may not be what you’re looking for. Maybe what you’re looking for is a money back guarantee.

For example, with ibVPN you can test the vpn unconditionally for two hours. But in those two hours can you be really sure that the speed and relibility of the vpn will always be like that? It’s difficult to tell if that two hours of the free trial vpn can realy define how well the vpn works. I would much rather have a few days of trial. Like with Astrill or 12vpn. Both companies offer seven day money back guarantees. while it’s not as fast and convenient as a no restrictions sign up now free trial vpn, there are still some advantages to be had by doing it this way.

The full seven days will get you a true feel of that the vpn is like. You’ll have all day every day to see how well the vpn runs, and even get a bit of rhythm going to see how it fits into your daily shedule. It sounds crazy, but if you are dependant on your vpn to get stuff done (like me), this can be important. I find that at certain times of day the vpn can slow down my internet speeds (despite the fact that others may deny this). Also, you can test the reliabilty of the vpn. I signed up for a month of a few years back and was very disappointed to find that the vpn disconnected very often.

Another advantage of choosing a money back guarantee over a free trial vpn is that you get full run of the place for the time being. Many vpn companies will limit bandwidth, download options, or other vpn features to prevent people from abusing the systme and keeping the vpn at high quality for paid customers.

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