NordVPN Quick Overview​

As far as VPN options go in this day and age, very few are as good as NordVPN. In fact, NordVPN claims to be the fastest among all VPN services on the market.

With claims like this, as well as the growing popularity which is leading to some saying this is definitively among the best VPN providers, it's become clear that it's time for us to take a closer look.

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Monthly Plans

1 Month

$11.95 per month
  • No-logs policy for better privacy
  • Strong encryption that can't be cracked
  • 6 simultaneous connections for your devices
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3 Years

$3.49 per month
  • 70% Savings
  • No-logs policy for better privacy
  • Strong encryption that can't be cracked
  • 6 simultaneous connections for your devices
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1 Year

$6.99 per month
  • 41% Savings
  • No-logs policy for better privacy
  • Strong encryption that can't be cracked
  • 6 simultaneous connections for your devices
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Privacy and Security of NordVPN

Being officially registered in Panama instead of the United States, the choice to use Nord VPN comes with significant benefits that protect your data. When we started to review NordVPN, this was one of the first things that caught our interest, as these data protections keep them from being compelled to collect or keep logs of any of your data regarding bandwidth usage and more. NordVPN offers VPN protocols regarding privacy that simply can’t be matched by American-based entities.

Protection is further enhanced by the presence of Double VPN severs which route any data through dual servers simultaneously, which adds comprehensive protection. On top of all over this, OpenVPN and Ikev2/ipsec are included as well as other supplementary VPN tools to ensure secrecy and sturdy, trustworthy levels of encryption.

Although you can’t blame some VPN providers for keeping logs of your activity (they are compelled to by law), it is refreshing to have an option like NordVPN which circumvents such rules.

Streaming - Does Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime work?

NordVPN has access to and the power to unblock all of the major streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime, which is excellent. These days, basically everybody with internet access gets their media from streaming. NordVPN allows for up to six simultaneous connections, consistent VPN connection, and little to no interference with your streaming despite all of the great work the service provides.

How Fast is NordVPN?

NordVPN credits speed as one of its best characteristics. One of the common knocks that keep people from using a VPN is the presumed impact on speed, which people prioritize sometimes over the privacy of their ip address, so this claim of extreme speed may earn NordVPN your dollar. Are they the fastest? Now, that’s difficult to say. But, considering some of the prevention of obfuscated servers, as well as other special attention gone toward speed, NordVPN is among the best. This speedy service is made international (including China) through the strategic implementation of over 5000 servers in over 60 locations.

Ad Blocking

NordVPN does have an ad blocker which is built-in and works very well. In fact, the benefits of CyberSec (the built-in ad blocker) include the fact that you don’t even have to watch YouTube ads anymore. Needless to say, this is a great bonus. Needless to say, built-in adware and malware tools is not necessarily a win with some VPN providers, but there is nothing to doubt in terms of CyberSec and NordVPN in this case. This is really high quality technology which provides excellent results.

As most great VPN services are providing these days, this also comes complete with a kill switch. However, rather than just one, NordVPN has two kill switches– one that is standard and halts all traffic in the case that the VPN malfunctions, and the other can be set to a certain app.

Downloading and Torrenting

Not everybody wants to torrent, but some do. NordVPN realizes this, and they offer p2p servers — these specialty servers realize that you may have decided to have a dedicated IP address specifically for torrents. As such, this process is made easy. Other specialty servers include onion over vpn, which certainly has value in these regards and more.

Customer Service

NordVPN offers comprehensive, friendly workers who interact with you primarily through a live chat option that is available all day, everyday. As well as this, you can use resources such as an informative and thorough FAQ page. In general, those who use NordVPN feel valued and helped by the customer support teams. The 24/7 live chat is a really nice tough.

Cost and Payment

Considering all of the benefits, it may seem surprising that NordVPN is not significantly more expensive than other options on the market. In fact, NordVPN lands squarely around the average of 11 95 per month, which many lesser services also charge. Payment is made easy with various payment methods, including the obvious method of paying with credit cards. Unfortunately, they do not accept PayPal as of now, which is less than ideal for some that prefer live without credit cards. Plus, NordVPN stays accountable to you by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, which due to their excellent customer service team is hassle-free and made easy, should you decide you are not a fan of the service.

Conclusion - What's the Verdict on NordVPN?

When it comes to companies offering services in the realm of VPN, NordVPN is among the best and most cost-effective. If this Nord VPN review seems biased, just know that we believe it is really as impressive as we make it sound. NordVPN keeps winning awards and after this deep dive, we understand exactly why they are called the best VPN in the business. Optimal unblocking ability, incredible speed, second-to-none privacy, and of course the price is right. Is it the ideal VPN service provider? This is a tough thing to claim, but as of now we have not found one that is markedly better.



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