VPN Summary for Private Internet Connections

Anyone who is or has at least used a number of VPN networks is familiar with private internet access, or PIA, as it’s called. The VPN provider, established in 2010, provides users the opportunity to shield their online activity from snooping across its virtual private network (VPN).

Private Internet connection located in Colorado is a VPN service run by London Trust Media, Inc. The terms London and Colorado are not really helping to create confidence in people who are familiar with the fact that both the United States and the United Kingdom They’re part of a deal on security called Five Eyes.

What does that mean? Well, in layman’s terms, if you happen to do something that is deemed illegal or even unethical with the best VPN network service, the government can subpoena the VPN network service provider’s records.If you do happen to stay in one of the countries with which there is a five-eye network, you can be arrested. Now, before giving up private Internet connectivity as your preferred provider, we can say that by not keeping consumer info, PIA continues to evade the coalition, and they can show it. We have surely not come across anything that can show that it does not hold user data in our years of evaluating the best VPN network providers.

This private internet access analysis does not discuss precisely why private access to the internet is so transparent, since we simply don’t know, but they do have a transparency notification. The accountability report can be seen on their webpage, as it reveals how many judicial orders they have got.

All this considered, the thing that everybody is most interested in and the reason why we wrote this analysis of Private Internet Access VPN is to figure out whether a decent service emerges from all the work they have done. Private Internet Connection has also recently added a few new features that we’re going to talk here, be sure to you read it until the end.

Private Internet Access.

Also the best VPNs have their fair share of functionality, but not all of them are inherently pros. All of the best VPN network providers PIA also provides consumers with a range of features, but not all are pros, sadly.

You can find certain characteristics on rival goods. Below, though, we list only the pros from the viewpoint of a customer.

Excellent speeds

We don’t usually expect even the best VPN network services to offer excellent speeds, even when they charge top dollar, but London Trust Media surprised us.
We determined the speeds the service needed to offer for this private Internet access review by connecting to most servers in Europe, America, Australia, and Asia, as these are the most commonly used. We randomly connected to each server, but did so four times to determine the speed.

Using good old speedcheck.net, Internet speeds were tested. We have made sure that the position of each server was tested to ensure that it was in the region of which it was, after all this is London Trust Media we work with! Many info can be found below about the speed checks we performed and the speeds.
Claims and Shows No-Logging Private Internet Connection
Like several other VPN network service providers, VPN providers demand a no-logging policy in this private internet connectivity analysis. In most cases, we prefer to trust the VPN provider if it has a strong reputation.

For a VPN provider with a name such as London Trust Media, based in Colorado, though, we find it hard to trust.That is, PIA proves that the VPN provider does not maintain logs.
PIA publishes a so-called transparency report that proves that the VPN provider does not store anything except users’ email addresses and payment information to ensure ultimate privacy.

The numerous subpoenas cited in the transparency report prove that the US government tried but got nothing from PIA because it is worth nothing to the government!

Strong privacy and protocols

Anyone who has read reviews of our VPN network recognizes that VPN providers that take privacy and security seriously are of great importance to us. The tighter the encryption is, the happier it makes us, and PIA VPN Network Security has really made us really happy in this respect!

Open source, OpenVPN, an industry standard for a stable VPN tunnel, uses the best VPN PIA Security. However, a few different choices are given to users, allowing them the right to select how much encryption they need for a session.

Users are given three default choices, i.e. handshake, data encryption and data authentication. As the name suggests, data encryption is a symmetric encryption algorithm used for data decryption and encryption.

The best encryption by far is the AES 128-bit link running in CBC mode, mostly because it uses lower standards. For better authentication, you can even pick AES 256-bit CBC or even use no encryption, which, as you expect, is the fastest.

Using encryption means that your IP address is mostly hidden, as are all your credentials. But data is exposed! This is where you use data authentication to prevent data attacks. If you’re not too concerned about such attacks, it’s easy to turn off data authentication, but we prefer to keep it incase!

The best VPN network security is used by PIA VPN, i.e. SHA1, the easiest way for your link to be authenticated. A so-called stable hash algorithm is used. With SHA256, more stability can be accomplished.

We love PIA VPN in this test because it uses handshake encryption, which uses a hidden key known only to the server and your computer. The key is used to build a connection that is very secure. You have a preference of six possible buttons, i.e. RSA 3072, ECC 521, RSA 2048, ECC 256k1, RSA 4096 and ECC-256rl.

We have heard that the NSA has the ability to crack certain keys, but since it has not been proven, they are still available. However, there is an inherent risk by using them.

Due to its defense and privacy policies for IP addresses, PIA VPN is one of the best VPNs, since the best security settings are required by default. So, if anything too complex is set up and tweaked, you can be confident that PIA is set up by default to protect your data and privacy.

Finally, its privacy is rounded out by the implementation of leak protection. The use of leak protection prevents data leakage in case of disconnection from the VPN server.

Private Internet Access Pros and Cons

Even the strongest VPN link with an encrypted IP address, PIA, has a few cons that anyone, including those living in Canada, should remember before buying. The nice thing is that these drawbacks are not deal breakers!

A confusing gui

If we discuss a confusing gui, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to use. PIA, One-Click, Secure VPN makes it simple even if you’re not yet using the right VPNs for your IP address privacy and protection.

Once you launch the app, click the “Power” button in the middle and connect to a VPN in Canada, but beyond that, things aren’t so simple.

You need to delve into the configuration menu to adjust the different settings, such as leak protection. The overwhelming amount of settings and sub-settings makes knowing what you want challenging. Plus, the tooltips are also not that helpful.

If they are one thing, they can have valuable tooltips for each of their choices in the configuration menu for potential changes. That said, there’s no room for a newbie to set the settings, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s no need to be there.

No free plan

As someone living in Canada, I know that people tend to use a free plan for VPN security that helps them to browse the program before they purchase it.
There are no giveaways here, unfortunately, and that means that the only way people can find out whether they want the VPN is to buy it. Thankfully, PIA VPN is relatively affordable, so you’re not going to smash the bank or maybe break in to buy it! We’ll talk about prices down the road a little later on.

Private Internet Service Works

The link security of Private Internet Access VPN has some excellent features which are worth noting. For other VPN providers, however, some of these features can be found. Nevertheless, the implementation of PIA VPN’s features is the best in our opinion, which is why we mention them below.

Excellent torrenting

One of the somewhat odd things about Private Internet Access VPN is that they don’t support P2P connection or torrenting as a feature.
They don’t talk about it much, maybe because P2P is also used by hackers and they don’t want to be seen as alluding to the VPN provider endorsing piracy. That said, the torrent speeds we obtained were outstanding when connected to a PIA VPN server. The great news is that the provider does not limit torrents or retain link logs. And you can download something without risk of being blocked or throttled by your Internet account.

When the ISP notices that unauthorized movies have been downloaded, for example, consumers in Canada also get a legal warning. Although it is possible to stop it by using PIA, we would not encourage you to do so.

Malware Blocking (MACE)

MACE is a simple but effective DNS-based website filtering service that automatically blocks all domains associated with malware, trackers and advertisements that provide excellent protection. We admit that the system is not sophisticated; for example, you do not get traffic analysis or injected SSL certificate protection.
MACE has a blacklist of all dangerous domains that are regularly updated when tested MACE worked 90% of the time blocking websites that were malicious.
When it comes to advertising, MACE was able to block most popups and other forms of advertising on most websites we visited. Granted, it is not as good as dedicated apps for ad blocking, but it does the job better than rival VPN providers, which is worth noting.

Extension of the Browser

When using VPN services, PIA VPN Security typically addresses one of the most critical issues, i.e. transitioning between a standard program and a link to a VPN client.
PIA, similar to NordVPN and ExpressVPN, provides Opera, Chrome and Firefox browser plugins. Without leaving the browser window, the extension allows you to connect directly to a VPN.
The same gui, which is clean and plain, is available for Firefox and Chrome plugins. You have a “Connect” button to attach you to a position on the right. A list of locations is also given, and you can select from one of your favorites. If you want (enable), for each server, latencies are shown.

We find that when evaluating plugins for all three browsers, the one for Chrome contains a greater stack of default allowed protection and privacy policies. For example, it blocks location access, which prevents websites from knowing where you are accessing the site from and accessing your microphone and camera.

Besides, it helps stop WebRTC leaks, disables third-party cookies by default,hyperlink auditing, etc. However, the only downside is that some websites don’t work with all these features enabled, so you have to go back to the security settings and toggle ” On ” or ” Off ” respectively and refresh your page.

Another great sub-feature of add-ons for leading browsers is the bypass list, which further strengthens privacy. You can add a number of websites that you don’t want to use the VPN. For example, you don’t want Gmail to use the VPN, so add it to the bypass list while all other browser windows use the VPN.

Prices and plans for private Internet access

PIA’s VPN service pricing is pretty straightforward and you can pay by credit card, Bitcoin, etc. Although they don’t have a free plan, the basic monthly package is comparatively cheap. However, you want to get the two-year plan, which happens to be the lowest price.
* Monthly: $6.95- 6 months: $5.99 ($35.95/six months)- One year: $2.85 ($39.95 per year).

Speed test for private internet access
We are based in Canada, so one of the things we checked was the latency on all VPN service servers. As expected, the further away a server was from us, the more latency we saw.

Therefore, the latency when connecting to a server in the US was lower than in Germany or Japan for this reason. However, it was still low compared to competing VPN services.
All of the servers were checked after we linked Speedtest.net to them. In the same area, we also disconnected and then reconnected 4x times to another server and averaged the results. The percentage value of the composite observations is what you see below.

We saw an average 20 percent reduction in link speed when connecting to servers in the UK, which is among the highest we’ve ever seen.Interestingly, when connecting to servers in other parts of Europe, such as Germany and Italy, speeds were 25% lower.
As mentioned above, US servers were among the fastest for us, as for the most part speeds only dropped by 10%. During checking, however, we did find that some US servers were slower than others.

The speeds were 40 percent slower on average when linked to Australian servers and those in Hong Kong. It’s somewhat to be expected, though we didn’t expect the speeds to be similar in Asia (Hong Kong) and Australia. So, identical that we lump them into an average 40% decrease in speed.

Private Internet Access Server

Private Internet Access VPN has increased the number of privacy servers to a whopping 12945+. This is a huge increase over what they had before and is a welcome add-on.

Will it fit for Netflix for private internet access?

In addition to anonymity, one of the reasons for using a VPN service is to navigate either physically blocked or blocked websites. Netflix is of special importance to our readers and to us, of course. So the question is, by changing your IP address, can you unblock Netflix and stream otherwise geographically blocked content? Yeah, with PIA VPN, you can stream because your IP address changes.

Although other streaming services such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer can be quickly unblocked by private Internet Access VPN, Netflix is especially difficult. IP addresses that tend to be VPNs are deliberately detected and blocked by Netflix. So, the vast majority of premium VPN providers cannot unblock Netflix.

With a relatively small number of servers, the old version of Private Internet Access VPN made it almost difficult to find one which could download from Netflix. But the newer servers, added in January 2019, have made things much easier.
In our experience, one in four servers could connect and stream from Netflix. That’s pretty good compared to the competition. So if you get a VPN to stream Netflix, your money will be well spent on a PIA subscription.

Private Internet Access Privacy & Protocols.

PIA, for safety purposes, has a stringent no-logging policy. They do not report your actual IP address, although all businesses will say that they do not have PIA IP address logs that will confirm it.
In their webpage, the disclosure report specifically indicates how many subpoenas and court requests they have issued that have brought up little. This shows they have a stringent strategy on logging.We don’t know of any other service that offers this level of openness in terms of their policy without logging for IP addresses.

Support for private Internet access

With a technical portion of the web with plenty of helpful material, PIA help is reasonably polished on the whole. They have a 164-paper information base covering everything from account problems to technical difficulties to troubleshooting, etc.

Apart from articles and tutorials, you can use the contact tab, which sends an email to the support department of PIA, if you need assistance. Also, it is also possible to open a ticket, which, in our experience, receives a response within 24 hours.

Private Internet Access VPN has recently added a live chat option, which is available through the customer control panel. Live chat is available Monday through to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, mountain time. Live chat is by far the easiest way to approach a help person to solve a problem.

Refund Scheme for Private Internet Access

A 30-day return program is provided by Private Internet Connectivity PIA, which is made simpler if you have a credit card. This ensures that you will apply for a refund within 30 days if you are not happy with the service, after which the money will be returned to your credit card.
However, with your registered email address and 7-digit PIA order number, you must contact your billing department by email. Private internet access VPN refunds take up to 7 business days to process.

Is it recommended for private internet access?

Private Internet Access In the VPN network market, PIA is a clear rival. We find that PIA has expanded their support during our VPN analysis, enhanced their customer service, and added a range of new enhancements that speed up link time.
Now the app has increased security. The sort of security everyone needs is encryption and malicious blocking of websites. But we mostly appreciate the fact that you can talk with a service worker, which is provided by less rivals despite being a dynamic industry.

Sure, the PIA private internet connectivity network has a few shortcomings and weaknesses, one of which is located in the US, but with an impressive collection of features and much superior customer service, it more than compensates for it.
With an increasing number of super-fast servers (which we tested in this VPN review) and the potential to unblock leading streaming sites such as Netflix, we will list the network of PIA and London Trust Media among the best, together with its excellent pace. Yah! Yeah! We’re suggesting this!

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