Let’s begin this analysis of PureVPN by saying that it is probably one of the oldest known VPN – service providers. Over the years, the organization has seen its fair share of criticism, and many have praised it for its solid support.

After it was announced that the IP address was disclosed, PureVPN received everything from the highest esteem to the poorest feedback from dissatisfied users.

With their data logging fiasco, Stuff turned south again for Hong Kong-based PureVPN in 2017. The company and privacy activists earned a lot of flack from them.

However, we’re learning that the company has since turned its ways and is encouraging consumers to give them a second chance. Everyone deserves a second shot after all, which is exactly what we did with this analysis. We’ll announce whether 2019 and beyond is the time for


VPN users should turn to PureVPN, which isn’t even strongly recommended.

PureVPN has been here for over a decade. The company’s VPN platform first emerged in 2006, and that was basic at best. Interestingly, PureVPN is a micro company whose Hong Kong-based holding company is listed as GZ Systems.

There are over 2000 servers worldwide at over 2134 network locations, indicating thousands of Ips, which is strong compared to other vpns.

Another fascinating tidbit or detail we like to note is that they don’t rent servers, they own them, unlike other VPN – telecom companies. User data and IP addresses are better though, at least in principle.

Although all major channels and some obscure ones are supported by PureVPN, they no longer have an iOS app. Apparently their app was withdrawn many years ago and never returned. It’s annoying for iPhone diehards like us, but Android devices are unaffected.

Advantages and disadvantages

We like to say we’re a supportive group of VPN reviewers, so let’s start with the pros. Interestingly, there are certain benefits to the service that are worth mentioning.

A 2-year plan that is very reasonably priced,

We all enjoy saving money now, and happily, with its 2-year strategy, PureVPN gives us the chance to do so. The two-year package is substantial and relatively affordable, costing only $3.33 per month, which is a 74% savings compared to the market.

Although PureVPN has two other packages, the main savings come from this one, and this is what we would recommend to anyone who wants to sign up for the program.

Very strong speeds for downloads

For almost every IP address that we linked to, we were really impressed with the download speeds that PureVPN offers. The premium content doesn’t dramatically impact average upload and download rates, while VPNs can limit your speed to some degree.

We were amazed at some nice speeds, we take a look in detail below.

Torrenting support

One of the main reasons why torrenting is publicly sponsored by PureVPN is because they are based in Hong Kong (we’ll get into that later). Torrenting is supported by other providers, but the pricing is excellent for PureVPN and How much you can share is not constrained.

Since they could be part of a patent infringement lawsuit, several competing VPN providers have stopped promoting P2P IP addresses, also known as torrenting. So PureVPN is one of a handful of providers that still provide IP address torrenting as a feature. PureVPN also helps disable it with a specific IP address if torrent sites are blocked in your region.

Finally, torrents are open on many servers. Almost every server we linked to was torrent-enabled in our case. There is no chance that the functionality will disappear soon, as PureVPN owns these servers.


Supports different channels

PureVPN supports many unconventional formats such as Firewall, Kodi, Xbox One, Roku, Playstation, Amazon Firestick, Android TV, Chrome Cast, Boxee Box and Raspberry Pi as well as standard computer and smartphone platforms.


Disadvantages of PureVPN


Does Not Work in China

One of the main drawbacks of PureVPN is that it is blocked in China, so no new IP address is available! It won’t work if you happen to live in China.

With a Chinese IP address, you can’t even access their website, let alone download the software. Extra, since there really is no PlaySore in China to access the software.

Nevertheless, Android is unlikely.

Apart from the facts that if you live in Pakistan, Iran, North Korea and Saudi Arabia, it doesn’t really work with an Ip. At least, those would be the countries we recognize where it wouldn’t work, and so it could be blocked with more IP addresses.

It’s a loss because rivals like ExpressVPN and NordVPN operate in these countries along with China.


No app for iOS

PureVPN doesn’t even have an app for iOS at the time of publication. It is unfortunate that iOS is the smartphone operating system that is most commonly used. We asked why iOS support was stated on its website during customer service interactions, even though more than a year ago, it was removed.

When exactly would their app end up in the AppStore? No one understands, not even the company’s customer service. There were no positive user reviews of the former app and it was eventually deleted.

You could look for higher user reviews this time. However, it’s better to go elsewhere if you want to use a VPN on an iOS device.


PureVPN Features

PureVPN is not one of the security and privacy features that come with providers. Although it serves the bare basics, there are a handful of extras worth mentioning. We note them, if nothing else, because they may impact your option to sign up for a subscription.

Awe-inspiring defense features

The encryption and privacy defense features are one of the best things about the PureVPN VPN provider. People use VPNs because they want an obscure IP address to connect to the Internet securely and privately. Through its kill switch and split tunneling functionality, each of which has its own Ip, PureVPN makes this possible.

We are happy to say that PureVPN has a working kill switch functionality that is secure unlike many competing VPN services in Canada. And PureVPN’s kill switch did not work as intended in the past, but has since been patched.

Now in Canada, we verified the Safe Kill Switch feature by disabling the desktop software.

The WLAN was interrupted as soon as the connection dropped. This works because the kill switch is supposed to disconnect the Internet connection to ensure that all information continues to be transmitted securely over the VPN.

Since several competing VPN providers already provide the functionality, the split tunneling link mechanism doesn’t break any new ground, but it is another way to protect your connection. You have two tunnels from which your apps connect to the Internet using the same function. Another uses the usual web, while the VPN is used by the other.

For example, if you just want to encrypt all your traffic from a Canadian IP address, you can also route it through that tunnel in Japan using A Japanese Ip, whereas the browsers are used for the Chrome and Firefoxusual Canadian domain name, etc. We linked many positions on the server and the mechanism worked exactly as expected.

Chrome and Firefox browser plugins

Like some other best VPN providers, PureVPN offers browser extensions that are limited to Firefox and Chrome for now, but offer another way to get free internet protection. Downloading the additions takes a few minutes.

While PureVPN has several server locations, browser extensions do not use VPN servers. Sure, they have WebRTC leak security, but these are proxy servers that ensure data is not encrypted during transmission, so we do not recommend removing the plugin extension for the desktop app.

Run a ping test easily

Ok, this is one of those features that we use often, and we believe it would be used by many people as well, read this in Canada. The ping test is a tech feature that has given us a clear insight into what to anticipate in Canada when dealing with.

During a ping search, in our case Canada, you can see the server locations near you. On each server, the values you see are the distance the data would travel. The farther from Canada (our location) the server positions are, the slower the communication would be.

Ideally, after performing the ping query, you would be able to connect to a server with the lowest ” ms “, ensuring that the lowest latency is present. The good thing is that it depends on the distance to the nearest server positions listed above, all server positions will be identified after the ping check.


PureVPN Prices & Schedules

PureVPN has a pretty simple pricing system that we really like. We don’t like the high price, however, as someone who lives in Canada. The prices above are in USD, although could be in Canada.

It would cost you $10.95 per month if you spend every month.

It would save you $8 per month if you spend every 3 months.

With the annual package costing $3.33 per month, most profits are hand to hand. However, PDAs is only for the first year, where $69.95 per year is paid to consumers, at $5.82 per month.


Speed rating PureVPN

PureVPN, like all VPN providers, has more than 2000 servers around the world, but speeds can vary from our perspective and for the same reason. Still, we had to measure the overall speed and efficiency of the VPN and benchmark it against competing services.

They are located in Toronto, Canada, and use a broadband service as a base for those reading this article. But whenever there’s a storm that knocks down the lines, their speed is excellent.

In the UK and the US, the closest server sites are. The speeds were on average 20 percent lower than without a VPN provider.

They were reliable, but the speeds were not very impressive. The initial efforts were successful each time we connected, did a speed test, disconnected, and then reconnected the servers. The speeds we got also didn’t differ within the same region, which is great, from client to server. However, these are not the fastest speeds compared to other premium VPN providers. Even though the success is reliable.


Servers on the Internet

In 140 countries , PureVPN has more than 2000 servers. This closes PureVPN with several servers to other premium VPN service providers. However, the main difference is that the computers are operated by the corporation.


Can it work for Netflix on PureVPN?

Do you want Netflix to be streamed? Just read more. On its website, PureVPN notes that users use the service to enable the 20 services they mention, including Netflix, which is on par with the best VPN services. However, you need to take certain steps that you should know for this analysis to allow UNS to open and download Netflix.

The fir is to click on the “Change Mode. ” icon on the left side, and then select the ‘Flow’ mode. Then select the location of the US server (if you want to watch UNS Netflix) and cross your fingers.

Only one of the servers was running Netflix during the test for evaluation. This may be that all other servers were blocked by Netflix. Although your usage may be different, we do not recommend subscribing to PureVPN to watch Netflix only on demand. It would be better if they add new servers that will allow us to watch Netflix. While Netflix continues to aggressively block servers, they are also quickly becoming redundant.


Privacy & Protocols at PureVPN

PureVPN states that they have a specific terms of service and that everyone’s privacy and protection is critical to them, but that argument is provided by every provider we reviewed. They also help internet freedom. You can also assume that being located in Hong Kong can have an impact on the fact that they are not in a five-eye nation whose goal is to limit Internet independence. However, things are a bit more complex, so let’s clarify them.

On the one hand, the VPN provider helped law enforcement catch a cyberstalker, which is fine, but on the other hand, it disappointed the entire society, which relied on the company’s guarantee that sensitive information that threatened Internet freedom would never be obtained or published.

In response to all the backlash, the CEO issued a statement reflecting the company’s privacy policy, which has now been revised. The terms of service on their website also state that the organization does not collect communication logs, browser patterns, IP addresses, original IP address, metadata, connection time, websites you visit, outbound traffic, and user access information, while the CEO’s claim sounds sincere.

Although we wanted to further engage with people who read this review and learned that the organization collected usernames, payment records, and email addresses when you first signed up, they also collect details about the total bandwidth that users use.

In terms of confidentiality, they offer support for various connection and encryption protocols such as PPTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP, like all the best VPN services. The service uses OpenVPN by default, which is an industry-standard and very good protocol for VPNs. The system offers 256-bit AES encryption, which we honestly enjoy, in addition to all of the above. They call it military grade, and it can be the case up to a certain level, but it’s used by most of the better VPN providers.

They also use what is called, in addition to the basic security features listed above.

Ozone, an antivirus program that notifies you when someone tries to hack your computer if a site is questionable.

To check, we checked some recognized sketchy websites, and it worked as advertised!

Then Gravity, an adblocker, is there. In our experience during the trial, it performs with 90 percent accuracy, as advertised.


PureVPN support

PureVPN offers 24/7 customer support via chat and email, as advertised by the best VPN providers. Still, for our analysis, we want to put these customer service statements to the test, and we did the same for the best VPN providers. And it’s only fair that we did the same here.

For the study, we contacted customer support via live chat and made a request stating that we were not satisfied with the service three days after using it and needed a refund.

A few hours later, customer support got back to us, meaning through the live chat window we wanted to create a ticket through the website. There was a link written under this letter. On clicking on the link it took three to four minutes (long time!) to load the website, and then an error popped up.

We then contacted customer support via live chat and mentioned the problem. To our horror, they didn’t know anything about it. But he said we would have to wait a few days to return to the website to see how it managed.

Since it happens to be on this website, we will get a refund. This is indeed not decent customer service.

So our encounter with customer service was not fantastic, and for many other people we suspect it would be the same.

On the other hand, email support was a canned response, ie scripted. No matter what we requested, a blueprint with a list of generic actions that didn’t even work was the email we received back.

They need to do something other than provide stable IP addresses from around the world if PureVPN servers want to challenge the best VPN providers.


Refund rules

PureVPN has a refund policy that states that anyone can request a refund within 31 days If the service doesn’t please them. They have been put down in the past for an opaque and difficult to maneuver refund scheme. But again, things are not what they should be.

The company notes that within 24 hours, they handle refund claims, but it takes 30 days to have your money back. Often, special arrangements like a 3-day or a one-week free account are not available for a refund.


Recommend PureVPN?

In this analysis, we find it hard to freely recommend PureVPN to anyone other than anyone who uses a semi-stable VPN provider with premium rates compared to ordinary ones. PureVPN is not only located in Hong Kong, but also promises little out of the ordinary.


Install and own all VPN servers.

With competing platforms that are 35 percent cheaper overall, most if not all of the features of PureVPN Secure Servers can be identified. And first of all, PureVPN doesn’t really have a good name to remember false ads.

They say they have an app for iOS, but there isn’t one. They even state that there is no recording, but they record a lot of material.

Pace, although consistent and sure of what we’ve seen in this study, and the wide range of apps is welcome for virtually any smartphone you can imagine, doesn’t outweigh the fact that they don’t do anything particularly innovative. This is the culmination of so many drawbacks that make it impossible for us to suggest PureVPN.

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