10 Reasons to Hide Your IP

Every mobile / computer device is referred to as a numeric label called an IP address or Internet Protocol address. When you access a website online, the web host can see where your location is and track your activity while you are on the site-even after you leave the site to browse somewhere else.
Hiding your IP address can help you win lots and lots of favors. Below are 10 of the most compelling reasons to keep your IP address hidden.

1. access to streaming anywhere

Are you on a trip abroad and about to miss your favorite show? Worry not. Once you hide your IP address and connect to your hometown server, you won’t feel at home.

2. Navigate via websites anonymously

Keeping the anonymity of your surfing makes the whole web experience worry-free. The secret to achieving this is hiding your IP via encryption.

3. Free yourself from snoopers seeking to access your personal data.

By disguising your precise location and name, covering your actual IP address holds your protection intact.

4. Protect yourself when you use a wifi hotspot.

Wifi hotspots are never secure as they are open to all. By using a VPN connection, you can hide your IP from an insecure network where hackers may sneak around.

5. Access websites that are not available for the geographical location of your IP address.

Through using a VPN to link to a country’s server, you can enjoy streaming channels that are limited to your area. Just select the exact country you want to mimic and you can easily access the websites that country can access.

6. Bypass workplace or school restrictions.

If you switch to another IP address specified by a good VPN, you can easily bypass the restrictions of the business/school network to get the data you need.

7. Surveillance by backdoor and national censorship of the website.

There may be groups or businesses that are attempting to control your online activity. By shielding your IP address accordingly, you will drive them hidden.

8. Your ISP or Internet Service Provider covers your practices.

Your ISP may be allowed by law to record your personal details and online activity and to report them. Using a VPN provider if you would prefer to stop this.

9. Keep secret your personal search requests.

Hiding your IP address disables search engines to monitor and archive information about your activities. Friendly reminder: you still need to delete your cookies right after each browsing session when a VPN connection is enabled. This is to ensure total security.

10. Access to Internet Freedom.

The Internet has been established as a platform that anyone can maximize and modify. Innovation, creativity, communication idea sharing and education run alongside the power of the internet. So hiding your IP can help you keep the online privacy and right to express that you deserve.

Some of the best arguments for shielding the IP are these. Keeping stealth is never a negative step. In fact, it is the best step to achieve a true sense of freedom while accessing the colorful and vast world of the Internet.

To access Internet freedom, we strongly recommend choosing a private VPN Internet access, since it offers the best results to protect yourself and unlock the Internet.

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