TunnelBear is a VPN support provider in Canada operating outside of Toronto, Ontario. The Canadian market is its primary market focus. With servers all over the world, TunnelBear is a lightweight VPN.

It has a compact list of features for consumers who are not professionals. Installation and use is simple. And where the client is connected, its graphical interface provides ample details.

Apart from the usual pros and cons of VPN operation, there are unique TunnelBear pros and cons that are worth mentioning.

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Easy to use: The user interface is practically barebones. Only a planet map and server locations are displayed. It automatically selects the fastest server position to use when starting the program.You can bypass the option by selecting the dedicated server on the map. If you select “auto”, the data will be transferred to the fastest option server.


  1. Simple menu: Normally, switches and flips are the menu options. It does not go through strong technological or sophisticated consumer options. It is quick to clarify the possible options and there is a hyperlink to a website that describes the menu options.


  1. privacy policy simple to understand: Privacy policies are usually packed with legal jargon or are very technical. TunnelBear the privacy policy in plain language and easy to read.


  1. lightweight: The software for Windows is lightweight and easy to use. In operation, it still has a limited footprint. This does not burden the performance of the machine.


  1. Offers light editions: Lightweight versions of TunnelBear are available for popular browsers. To allow only browser data to enter the VPN, Chrome, Firefox and Opera have TunnelBear add-ons. All other traffic goes through the standard Internet connection, such as FTP, chat, VOIP and email.




  1. Unsupported Linux and older operating system versions: Linux is not available for download on the official download website. Windows computers are also not allowed, like cell phones and tablets. For older Android and iOS models, this is also true. TunnelBear sends “end-of-support” updates to Android and iOS users, telling owners that their copies of TunnelBear are no longer viable. This means they can’t touch TunnelBear Help if they have a problem or something unexpected happens.
  2. Global number of servers: TunnelBear VPN has servers all over the world. However, these are comparatively lower than its competitors. Consequently, it has its servers in more than 20 countries.



A VPN is mainly used by customers for security, online protection, encryption, and access to locally inaccessible content or websites.

Other common features and selling points for VPNs are: Avoiding monitoring and logging of geo-locations as well as the use of behind the school and business system blocked applications and websites.

Secure browsing means that leaks are not readable and are kept confidential from emails and browser queries.

When surfing over public networks, this is very useful. Most Internet access today is via handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. When public networks are used, the protection of Internet communications is not guaranteed.

If you are in a coffee shop, surfing the Internet with a smartphone may sound harmless enough, but leaves the user free.

The ability to bypass local censorship is another feature popular with VPN providers. On the planet, there are nations where certain websites are not available.

At the same time, there are advanced nations that routinely spy on their people’s electronic communications, including SMS and email. Using a VPN tends to prevent access to private messages from being undesirable and illegal.



TunnelBear is a streamlined app that provides a smooth VPN service. For the simplest GUI, the user app is as small as possible.


Regular third-party audits are conducted by TunnelBear. They are conducted by separate companies to ensure that customers have the highest level of protection and privacy that the company has promised. It is the only VPN company that has published these results.

Links to customer data

They display their account details directly from the servers to ensure consumer safety. Users can check and uninstall the details if they want.


Free trial version available

There are three suggestions for TunnelBear: open, weekly and yearly. With the free account, users can use the VPN service every month with up to 500 MB of data. There is unlimited storage access for monthly and annual plans.

Before agreeing to purchase, the user should test TunnelBear functionality. The customer can join at any time and upgrade at any time. This means that as long as they want, they can use the 500 MB monthly data access and then switch to the unlimited monthly and annual plans.

Installation for up to 5 of your devices

With a paying account, you can use TunnelBear on up to five computers. These can be on apps and computers with different choices. Windows, OS X, iOS and Android are among the supported operating systems. All you have to do is log in and use TunnelBear after downloading the software to your smartphone.


For squads, TunnelBear

You can sign up for TunnelBear for Teams if you need to use a VPN for more than 5 devices. For corporate or business teams, one of the strengths of TunnelBear for Teams. To keep it simple, it has unified billing as well as a management feature.


Sign domain

With domain sign-up, teams can quickly recruit new subscribers. They will pre-authorize their domain through the team administrator. This allows successful subscriber registrations of the same email domain to be automatically accepted for the team.

Members with a generic email address such as gmail.com and outlook.com are not included in this feature.


TunnelBear can block all traffic while there is no access to the VPN server until the connection is restored. This helps to stop any unintended Internet communication leakage. It also prevents unencrypted data from being connected to the computer.

The SpiritBear

TunnelBear uses encrypted data sent over the Internet to a VPN server. It preserves the data that is transferred from the user’s computer. GhostBear further massages the details to show that it is occasional unencrypted information to mask the encryption.


Plans and prices

There are just three plans for people. The monthly package comes at a monthly price of $9.99 per month. Although the monthly package pays $59.88 ($4.99 per month equivalent) monthly. You should apply for the biennial package, which costs $99.99 ($4.17 per month equivalent), for the greatest savings.

Pricing also applies to teams. TunnelBear for teams has the same features for each individual as the annual plan. In addition to team management, it also has a team billing feature. For teams, TunnelBear costs $69 per member and is billed annually.


Server with TunnelBearVPN

It has servers in more than 23 foreign locations. These include the following nations:


  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Switzerland
  • Romania
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • France,
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Japan


Confidentiality & Protocols

The strongest attempt to ensure consumer anonymity is made by TunnelBear. It does not contain app records. Usage Logs Monitor the websites a user is on. Canada does not ask ISPs to keep their customers’ internet records and logs.

To ensure that ISPs do not keep logs, Canadian privacy activists have been proactive. Bill C-30, better known as the Shielding Children from Internet Abusers Act, was the most influential user records and logs legislation.

To protect children from Internet predators, the bill would have given the Canadian government the right to subpoena online usage data from ISPs.

There were also provisions that made it mandatory for ISPs to provide government backdoor access to an Internet user’s browsing history and personal information without warrant or justification.

There was a massive public uproar against Bill C-30 that later led to his downfall.


Does it work for Netflix on this VPN?

Yes, TunnelBear works with Netflix and other video distribution applications that focus on the Internet. All you have to do is turn on TunnelBear and choose which country you want to watch on Netflix.

It is also possible to use TunnelBear with other streaming services, especially browsers.


Support VPN

The troubleshooting page on the website includes many of the problems a user may encounter, as well as concerns about installation, link, speed issues, access to websites and services, and typical error messages.

You can send a response through the website if other issues arise. Tunnelbear offers 24/7 help and can get back to you in a short time. There really is no live chat or phone service for them. Their email support is through the website. You send your questions and the email address you had to sign up will respond back to them.



TunnelBear VPN is a user-friendly VPN service that makes the technology acceptable for a non-technical user. However, it is not for all consumers. It lacks certain advanced features that would allow it to compete with other more powerful VPN services. Comparatively, it lacks global coverage, although it has servers on all continents.

Its focus on consumer protection and privacy is straightforward. It is the only private VPN service provider that reports the results of its annual report. It also has a privacy policy that is readable and understandable. VPN and Internet service providers rarely do this.

In addition, the payment system varies from most of the test providers. Instead of a one-time free access with a monthly limit of 500 MB, they treat the free user like a daily customer. Compared to what average users go through, the free 500MB data usage is limited. In a day or two, a big smartphone user will go through that quickly. The 500MB limit is just fine if you’re a regular customer who never wants a VPN operation.

At about the same time, TunnelBear for Teams helps avoid VPN costs for enterprise customers. Monthly payments are higher, but up to 5 devices can also be used for each team account.

An organization can adopt a strategy of allowing every member of the team to access their company’s internet with just one computer and a single mobile device. This will help the organization save on VPN prices.

The lack of sophisticated features is the main shortcoming. For those who simply need to use the VPN for local access and also for business use, this is not an obvious drawback.

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