VyprVPN Review Overview

A Quick Summary for the Busy Bees


It’s a VPN service provider based in Switzerland. The network offers you 73 servers locations and has over 200,000 IPs. The service provider also offers DNS servers coming with different auto-connection options.  VyprVPN supports various operating systems such as Android, “iOS”, Linux, Windows and Mac. Plus smart TVs can also access these services. 

One amazing thing about the VPN is that it doesn’t restrict connections by IP address. You will access the internet via your mobile phone networks and routers without problems.  The service provider also does not have log traffic or limit connections.

 Installing it is easy, and within a single click, you are connected to the net. The VPN replaces your IP address with a new one which you can view on your connection status. The service costs you $ 9.95 per month. However, the annual subscription is much cheaper compared to the monthly payments.



Enjoy internet without borders

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