One of several VPN providers provided to Internet users is WindScribe VPN. This analysis of WindScribe VPN seeks to figure out how this service fits with the many others on the marketplace.

WindScribe is a Canadian company that offers a good alternative for US customers.

Alongside their premium rates, WindScribe provides a free VPN package with 10GB of bandwidth per month. They provide the basic protocol for open VPN tunneling and 256-bit AES encryption. It offers a quick premium alternative and has several resources available.

WindScribe hides your IP address, encourages you to get rid of censorship, and helps block the pages you access every day with advertisements and monitoring. The computer WindScribe VPN program and its extension to the VPN / proxy browser work together to block trackers and advertising, facilitate access to sites blocked by the government, and secure your internet identity.

After you check your email account, WindScribe provides a free plan of 10 Gigabytes of memory per month. There is unlimited storage and open links to the Pro plan.

Secure browsing-When you add WindScribe VPN to your browser, you can take back control of your privacy. You can override government blocking of content based on your location. You can also prevent companies from tracking and selling your data.

Advanced privacy features-WindScribe is more than just a proxy extension. By adding WindScribe VPN, you can take advantage of various privacy features such as location API spoofing, WebRTC blocking, notification blocking, time zone spoofing, and more.

Adding WindScribe VPN masks your IP address so that you can browse selective and private entertainment, news outlets, and censored content in more than 30 countries. Unblock geographically isolated content.

Stop sensitive information leaks-WindScribe VPN stops the details from being compromised by hackers, including while using public Wi-Fi, and prohibits pesky marketers from monitoring you online.

Share Privacy-When you add WindScribe VPN, whether you give anyone a link to something, you can see how much surveillance takes place on most websites.

WindScribe VPN honors your right to privacy by not watching you or selling your details to advertisers. Everything is erased. WindScribe VPN does not save the operation logs.

You can use Desktop VPN and Browser Combination for robust privacy security, above standard VPN protection.



WindScribe VPN, though relatively new to the business, offers free proxy access to more than 900,000 users. Users boost WindScribe’s excellent device compatibility, noting that its encryption and protocol options are strong. WindScribe is user-friendly and allows torrenting, albeit in a fairly limited capacity.


The following are some of the benefits in using WindScribe:

Powerful, secure and encrypting options

Great VPN protocols include TCP, Open VPN, IDEv2, SOCKS5 and UDP protocols, all of which are supported by WindScribe VPN. While OpenVPN is the industry standard,

WindScribe uses IKEv2 by default.

The reason for this is to access best-in-class AES_256 encryption for the desktop applications and AES_128_GCM encryption for the browser extensions, technical details that are the envy of security experts.

No known attacks have taken place at either end of the cryptography continuum so far.

Another good security function of WindScribe VPN in the encryption field is that WindScribe VPN doesn’t really hold logs, unlike many other Vpn providers. This is something that gives users real peace of mind.

WindScribe VPN’s terms and conditions are in line with the other providers in the VPN market.


Safe to use

Tests also shown that there are no security flaws in WindScribe VPN which can reveal Dns queries to ISP DNS servers. Any VPN service providers who, despite users being conscious of them, disclose DNS and WebRTC leaks.

One way to detect leaks is to actively check the IP address that your client displays against the address that the test sees.


Multiple device support

For about any computer you can think of, including the essentials including Macs, Windows, linux, and iOs, WindScribe VPN has built-in applications. Also, Winscribe VPN applies to browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, plus some Nvidia, Amazon, Kodi, and Shield smart TV applications.

WindScribe VPN enables an infinite range of computers to be connected to consumers.


Inconveniences of WindScribe VPN

There are many grievances from WindScribe users regarding WindScribe VPN, including concerns that WindScribe is a sluggish, costly, and pointless support structure.

Bogs down to less than 50 percent online connection .

This is WindScribe VPN’s most apparent shortcoming. The efficiency of its server places the business in the lower third of the rankings (51 of 78).


Number of Servers Operating

In 50 nations, Windscribe VPN only has fewer than 500 servers. This will usually not, under such circumstances, have a negative effect on consumers. Small numbers of users per host are perfect circumstances.

If only a few users would access the VPN server, the service could still provide a fast service. If the servers were distributed to the locations that needed them, the entire network would still be able to deliver high-quality service.

What is the negative impact of not having all servers working at the same time? The Windscribe website provides a chart of the number of servers operating, categorized by region.

If there are no servers working at a regional site, customers in that region will be redirected to another site a little further away. This results in a decrease in speed and bandwidth. With only 500 servers, Windscribe VPN must always have that many servers.



Windscribe VPN has other organizations’ regular VPN functionality. It has a range of attributes unique to you.

Windflix in order to stream Netflix

Netflix is notorious for not allowing its videos to be streamed by VPN servers. You would not be able to access the product options in other countries if you are a Netflix subscriber in your region.

It is hard to access Netflix with other VPN providers, you need to check for a VPN server that is not banned by VPN.This can be a difficult exercise. Some VPN services can successfully access Netflix in the US, but only with a select few servers.

Windscribe has Windfx, which is only available in the paid plans.The user will access Netflix and other restricted streaming sites with Windfx. This is a much safer approach than researching solutions on-site.

Kill switch

In a VPN service, the connection can be disconnected at any time. The VPN service would have a kill switch that turns off internet activity until the VPN server goes back up. When VPN servers go down, the user may not be able to notice it immediately.

This is the point where the user doesn’t know they are broadcasting in the clear. The kill switch is designed to prevent this from happening. When the VPN server goes down, it also stops browsing on the device to prevent confidential or private data from being sent over public Wi-Fi.

The functioning kill switch is not offered in all currently available VPN services.


No DNS leaks

A VPN service hides the IP address of the user. One of the key reasons for using a VPN service is this. Internet traffic is directed by a VPN and the demand uses the VPN’s IP address.

If there was a snooper or if the traffic is monitored, the IP address of the VPN is displayed instead of the actual IP address of the client. Unfortunately, there are cases when a leak occurs and the actual IP address is sent. Windscribe VPN’s DNS leak protection is the backup security that ensures the actual IP address is hidden.


Torrents are Allowed

Torrents are not allowed in corporate environments as they can affect network resources. This is also the reason why VPN don’t give access to torrent downloading.

It is the essence of traffic on the Internet to consume all the available bandwidth. In the case of bittorrents, the bandwidth hogging is due to the many threads that are requested and come back with the required data. A single peer-to-peer download is typically configured to use about 60 different peers (or devices) simultaneously.

To provide torrent downloads for VPN clients, Windscribe VPN has dedicated servers for P2P downloads. This helps normal users to have greater bandwidth and faster internet speeds.


Windscribe VPN Prices & Plans

Windscribe VPN has three pricing plans. The paid plans do not differ from each other except for the plan renewal period and price. All paid plans have access to all servers with no data limits.

It still provides a free plan, but only for the purpose of consumer training. Just 10 server positions and 10 Gigabytes of storage can be used with it. However it does not authorize torrents.

Monthly plan-The user is charged $9.00 per month. There is no data limit and dedicated streaming and torrenting servers.

Annual Plan-The annual plan costs $4.08 USD per month and is billed annually at $49 USD.

Especially in comparison to the month plan rate, this is a saving of far more than 55 percent. The yearly plan is due in advance monthly.

Create a plan – This is a unique subscription plan offered by WindScribe VPN. The user creates their plan based on the number of sites they wish to subscribe to. It is billed at $1.00 per site. This will be billed monthly.


By way of PayPal, credit cards and Payment wall, customers can pay. Windscribe VPN has an automated debit feature that pays each subscription for the Vpn provider automatically.


Test of Speed

To see how it feels, I originally tested the benchmark reading of my non-VPN internet link. The effects of my Spectrum are as follows. – Internet connection with Hivelocity hosting in,

WindScribe VPN’s various servers were slow across the board. Other VPN options won’t give you the lows you’ll experience with WindScribe VPN.

Los Angeles, CA:

  • Ping – 14 ms
  • Download – 83.86 Mbit / S
  • Upload – 11.40 Mbit / S

After that, to get the accurate volume with the expected conclusions, I linked to WindScribe sites in various countries:

US central server

  • Ping – 140 ms
  • Download – 30.75 Mbit / S
  • Upload – 2.05 Mbit / S
  • US central server
  • Ping – 140 ms
  • Download – 30.75 Mbit / S
  • Upload – 2.05 Mbit / S


Web servers

The size of the server fleet is, in general, an indication of a great service for a VPN provider. In 94 nations, ExpressVPN has servers, whilst NordVPN has more than 5,000 servers. VPN network operators proudly proclaim their server count on their webpage with a huge network of servers.

There are around 540 servers on WindScribe VPN, and that is why it doesn’t disclose the server number on its homepage. The server count is a complex subject, however. Although many servers are talked about by some VPN providers, the percentage does not always tell the whole story. Virtual servers or fake servers are used by some VPN internet services, while others retain sub-par servers.

WindScribe VPN does not have a large fleet of servers, but the good thing is that almost all of them are actively working. None of WindScribe VPN’s 540 servers are virtual or fake servers. WindScribe VPN’s servers are spread across 62 locations in 56 countries.

The location of servers is one thing WindScribe VPN can be proud of. There are VPN – service providers with a larger fleet of servers than WindScribe, but distributed in a smaller number of countries. For example, IPVanish has 1200 servers in 48 countries, while TorGuard has more than 3000 servers, but they are distributed in only 51 countries.

Western Europe prefer to be spread by most VPN service providers operating in English-speaking markets. In English-speaking regions, 47 percent of WindScribe VPN’s servers are situated, although most servers are distributed across the rest of the globe. In contrast, in North America and Western Europe, IPVanish has 78 percent of its servers, while NordVPN has 73 percent in the same region, represent only a small portion of its servers in the rest of the globe.


The following regions are where WindScribe VPNs are situated:

  • – North America: 45 servers (32.8%)
  • – Central and Eastern Europe: 24 (17.5%)
  • – Western Europe: 20 (14.6%)
  • – South and Southeast Asia: 13 ((9.5%)
  • – Northern Europe: 9 (6.6%)
  • – East Asia: 9 (6.6%)
  • – Australasia: 6 (4.4%)
  • – South America: 5 (3.6%)
  • – Middle East and Africa in the North: 4 (2.9 percent )
  • * Africa Sub-Saharan: 3 (2.1 percent )


The VPN on WindScribe has an evenly distributed server base in today’s market, although the notable issue is poor performance in Sub-Saharan Africa, with nearly a billion people in the region lacking adequate access to VPN servers.

Server Speed

The pace of WindScribe VPN is vastly smaller than its leading rivals, but the quality of its speed is one thing WindScribe can be proud of.

With perhaps the exception of its Tokyo servers, which would be much slower, WindScribe has nearly constant speed all over the board. Even testing WindScribe speed at different times of the day showed almost the same results.

On a number of servers, WindScribe VPN frequencies are always average speeds.


Streaming and Servers

When it came to bypassing regional constraints on streaming platforms like Netflix, WindScribe should not be deemed extraordinary. Fortunately, with its dedicated servers for Netflix: WINDFX, which are based in the US, UK, Canada and Japan, WindScribe can be thanked.

Only with static IP addresses, WindScribe will access iPlayer, a service that costs an extra $2 per month.



Except for those in Russia, South Africa and India, WindScribe VPN enables P2P networking on all servers. This illustrates the issue faced by subscribers in sub-Saharan Africa, namely the inability to send torrents unless they connect to the closest server situated 6000 km away in Tunisia.

Although WindScribe servers are normally consistent regardless of distance between both the user and the site, there is a substantial drop in communication at a range of 6,000 km.


Does WindScribe VPN work with Netflix?

While most VPN service providers boast of being able to unblock Netflix, WindScribe VPN doesn’t even mention Netflix on its homepage, a rather modest attitude.

With WindScribe VPN’s free plan, no one can get near Netflix while using the provider’s servers. The difference could be found in WindScribe VPN’s paid plan. Those with a premium subscription have no problem streaming Netflix through UNS without any problems.

Connecting to the Windfx platform with your VPN client is all they have to do to reach the Netflix library. In all browsers except iOS, this can be achieved, but WindScribe has agreed to make this ready shortly.

Only in the US and UK, WindScribe VPN activates geographically limited streaming platforms, including Netflix.

As soon as you are an user to a premium service, WindScribe VPN is good for Netflix streaming.


WindScribe VPN Privacy & Protocols

WindScribe VPN’s privacy features start with AES-256 encryption with a 4906-bit RSA key, SHA512 authentication, and secrecy support.

WindScribe uses several techniques to prevent data leaks, redirect DNS requests through the server-traded tunnel, as well as limit Ipv6 packets and use a firewall after disconnection to block any Internet connectivity.

WindScribe VPN’s logging policy is described in the privacy policy and explains what the company does and does not collect. Users are limited to long-term logging, which is based on total bandwidth used in a month and time-stamps the last activity of the service to identify inactive accounts.

Windscribe’s system captures some connection details during the session, such as the username, the connected server, the time the connection was started, the bandwidth used during a particular session, and the number of connected devices. The details are stored only in the server’s RAM, which are automatically deleted at the end of the session.

Apart from the temporary collection of details, WindScribe VPN does not maintain any history of logging connections, IPs and browsing history. In short, WindScribe does not store logs of people who have used a particular IP address, which means that WindScribe cannot tie a particular user to a single server.

WindScribe does not collect any data about your activities, which means that the company has nothing to share with third parties. One thing that is missing from WindScribe VPN is the lack of a public audit that reviews logging and privacy issues, as this gives the public more assurance that their privacy is protected.

WindScribe VPN provides users with 2GB of storage for free for one month as confirmation that the protection is secured. The organisation would not need any personal details such as an email address to make use of it.



Logging into a sample group of servers, typically using an automatic tool, is the easiest way to evaluate a VPN service provider’s performance. By checking servers in the U.S., U.K., and the rest of the world, you can determine connection time, identify latency issues, and verify geolocation when checking the server advertised in a particular country. The connection to the various WindScribe servers was established without any connection errors.

Link times were higher than average, however. At around 2 or 3 seconds, some servers were useful to coordinate to, while the others were able to connect for 8 seconds or more. For decent VPN providers, eight seconds is double the connectivity time. The numbers were obtained while logging in via OpenVPN, while using the standard IKEv2 protocol showed only a slight delay.

The remainder of the initial measurements were satisfactory, outside the communication time.There were no leniency concerns reported, with the servers claiming to be in the advertised areas. The SpeedTest and Fast benchmark demonstrated in download speed testing that the faster servers of WindScribe provided adequate download output for the different applications.

The best U.S. servers averaged 50 to 70 Mbps transfer speed; 50 to 68 Mbps were handled by UK servers, and up to 20 to 49 Mbps were registered by Australia. Far slower, unreliable, or both is seen by other positions and servers. Germany has high-speed efficiency, except that different findings were seen in each measure. In the first test, US servers were fast, but subsequent tests saw conflicting results, often lower than 10 Mbps, showing inconsistent results.

The majority of places in Asia reported below 5 Mbps. Although the tests performed could not be an exact reflection of WindScribe rates, the tests used OpenVPN, but for accuracy testing the company recommends IVEv2. This is not an appropriate reason, as in the initial testing, other VPNs have used OpenVPN and demonstrated consistent speeds while using OpenVPN.


WindScribe demonstrated.

Users considering signing up for WindScribe VPN are advised to run many time tests before signing up to gauge the performance of the service provider. Users need to note that there are many VPN service providers that can offer better services and features than WindScribe VPN.


WindScribe Support

Before signing up to a service, first ask what kind of support you can get from the service provider. A VPN service provider is no exception. When you sign up for a service, expect the company to provide full consumer and technical support.

When a user encounters technical issues with the system, they will look for answers from WindScribe’s support team. Support resources typically start with setup tutorials for a long list of devices and platforms. The majority of places in Asia reported below 5 Mbps. Although the tests performed could not be an exact reflection of WindScribe rates, the tests used OpenVPN, but for accuracy testing the company recommends IVEv2. This is not an appropriate reason, as in the initial testing, other VPNs have used OpenVPN and demonstrated consistent speeds while using OpenVPN.

Unfortunately, WindScribe VPN’s Windows setup only covers the app, Windows 10, and IKEv2, but not the older iterations of the OS. The Android instructions allow for more choices than usual, including advice on connecting over IKEv2 when using Strongswan or


OpenVPN for Android.

There is a knowledge base to support users with their common problems until the WindScribe VPN is up and running, like random disconnection, slow speed, and more. It is easy to read and appreciate the papers.

Your only option, if anything else fails, is to contact help directly. Don’t expect a good talk when you’re only working with chatbots. Users are unable to obtain email assistance, and the only available alternative is to fill out a ticket booking form available on the website.

Due to the lack of live chat or the ability to speak with a live support person, getting a response from WindScribe support is a guess. WindScribe’s excuse for the lack of the usual support system is that the company is small with only 13 employees and the support of millions of free accounts is overwhelming.

Users with queries would have to wait a bit longer than normal because all internal operations are supported by WindScribe, rather than exporting the functionality to any workers on the other side of the globe who merely read a document.

If they want an answers to those questions, users need a lot more patience.


WindScribe VPN refund policy.

With any kind of service that can be availed on subscription, it is always advisable to try the free service first before signing up for a commercial plan. In terms of VPN service, the difference between free service and commercial service only concerns the available servers and bandwidth limitations.

There is no need to pay for the commercial service if you are not happy with the free service, because the concerns with the free service will stay with the commercial one.If you are not satisfied with the commercial WindScribe VPN service you subscribed to, you have the right to a full refund of your payment as long as you purchased the subscription directly from WindScribe VPN and not from a third party and that your refund request is sent within 3 business days from the payment date.

WindScribe will only consider written refund requests sent to the Support Desk.Behind your compensation offer, you do not need to have an explanation.

However, your refund request will be considered invalid if you violate any of the Company’s Terms of Service or sent your request after you have used the VPN service for more than 3 days, or if you have global traffic volume over 10 GB on the VPN service.

WindScribe VPN will refund you within 30 days of receiving the refund request.


Is WindScribe VPN good?

No, WindScribe VPN is not recommended for people who want to use a VPN service.

While many things about WindScribe VPN are considered good, such as Netflix-friendly and their logging policy, the cons of this provider outnumber the cons.

Anybody who tries the free or commercial service of WindScribe VPN will find many disturbing signs. Server speeds have been consistently slow for a beginner, which can’t be considered decent if you try to watch Netflix. Another troubling issue is the difficulty of trusting your personal and other information to the homegrown Toronto company with only 13 employees who are supposed to provide technical support to millions of free users.

In terms of pricing, WindScribe is no better than the competition. The cost is on the higher end of the scale, but not all of their data centres can be accessed by subscribers, which is relatively low compared to other VPN service providers.

If we need to rank WindScribe VPN, considering speed, stability, and characteristics, it only gets a 2.9/5 overall score.

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